Chapter 306: You know, like Issun-bōshi

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“That’s it! We should attack it from inside!”


Thinking it was a good idea, I unintentionally clapped my hands together.


“What are you saying?”


Selen was less convinced though.


“Isn’t it a common strategy to attack giant enemies from inside their bodies? You know, like Issun-bōshi.”



Right, Selen wouldn’t have an idea on who Issun-bōshi is.


“Anyway, I’ll be entering the Behemoth’s body. Ahh, I mean using this body double.”


Under normal circumstances, everyone would probably get mad again if we put my body double in such a dangerous role, much like when we were fishing out the Krakens. Even though it was just a body double made by my Gift, they thought it was an incredibly cruel treatment. However, this was an emergency and they knew we didn’t have much choice.

And so, I teleported inside the Behemoth.


“It stinks!?”


My surroundings was completely dark. To make it worse, when I breathed in, the odor in the air made me wrinkle my nose and even almost made me vomit. The ground beneath my feet was also so soft and slushy, so walking was quite hard.


“(I guess this is inside the Behemoth’s stomach. It has been asleep for a long, long time, so it hasn’t eaten anything…otherwise, this place would probably have stunk even more.)”


Not that I could stay here for long either way. And so, I decided to begin my attack. Well, by attack, I meant making one large facility after another. The sturdier, heavier, and larger the facility, the better.


“(I also should consider village point efficiency…but rather than worry about minor details like that, I should just make things as I see fit!)”


First, I made the ever-familiar ramparts.

I made 3 rows of 5-meter high, 50-meter long ramparts and lined them up inside the Behemoth’s stomach.




Even from within, I could tell that the Behemoth was quite startled. Just imagining something large and heavy suddenly appearing somewhere inside me was enough to make me shudder, after all.

Anyway, I rode on the roof of a shed, moving it through 3D Reposition. All the while, I kept on making things like apartments, hotels, and high-rise apartment buildings.

By the way, a facility could only be made when there was enough space for it. For that reason, it was impossible to make one large enough to pierce through the Behemoth’s organs and outer skin.


“(Building facilities inside something of a normal size is impossible, but the Behemoth’s large size turned out to be its undoing in this instance.)”


Once the stomach was full of facilities, I teleported myself outside.




The Behemoth cried out in pain as it thrashed about.

Probably deeming it not the best course of action right now, it had stopped expelling sand sand through its snout.


“You’re back! What did you do to it, Luke!? For a little while now, it’s like it’s in some kind of immense pain!”

“I just built a small town inside its stomach.”

“…come again?”


The Behemoth’s body, which was gigantic to begin with, now seemed to have swelled more due to my actions.

If it was any ordinary creature, it would likely die from exhaustion if we simply left it alone. The problem was that this was no ordinary creature; it was a legendary monster. Not only would it not die so simply, the shaking it caused with each of its movements meant the city would only incur more damage as time passed.


“But if I simultaneously move all the facilities inside it through 3D Reposition…”




“““The Behemoth!!”””

“““It’s floatinggggg!?”””


By lifting the facilities I made inside the stomach up in the air, the Behemoth was lifted up along as well.




Having never experienced such a thing before, the Behemoth tried to resist as much as it could by flailing its snout about. Unfortunately for it, that achieved nothing.

Thanks to it being suspended in the air, the quaking stopped.


“Now, what to do? Should I carry it to the sea and drown it? Or…”

TL note: Here is a wiki link for Issun-boshi. Basically, a tiny guy who wanted to be a warrior.

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