Chapter 305: It’s just the like in the legends

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“Beast King Behemoth…”


That was apparently what the giant elephant was called.





Even though it was far away, its cry was enough to make the palace rumble.

It then used its long snout to trample about, causing the debris from the ruins to rain down on the oasis city.


“Watch out!”



Some of the debris even reached us, so we hurriedly tried to avoid it.


“Lure Shield!”


Noel-kun raised his shield overhead and used it to draw in all the debris that was falling toward us. However, after absorbing the impact of what were basically meteorites, he fell to his knees.


“Noel-kun, are you alright!?”

“…yeah, somewhat.”


When I looked at his shield that was made of mithril alloy, it was full of dents. I didn’t want to think what would happen if one of those debris fell on my head instead.


“The city…”


The debris fell not only just near us, but on the whole city as well. Clouds of dust rose up here and there as the citizens screamed and ran to escape.




However, true dread was only just about to start.

The Behemoth started walking toward the city. Each of its steps caused the ground to quake. Nothing good could possibly come out of that monstrosity entering the city.


“We have to do something…!”






“Even from the sky, it looks so big……!”

“It looks like a truly absurd monster has woken up.”


From high up in the flying park, we observed the Behemoth as it walked on the ground.


“Dragons, Krakens, we’ve been fighting gigantic monsters lately, but this…”

“This is indeed beyond the norm, even for us…”


Selius-kun and Philia-san gasped at the sight of the Behemoth. Meanwhile, Queen Maribel had the blood drained from her face.


“After doing all that to take back the country from the sand raiders…but at this rate, the whole country would get destroyed..!”


The Behemoth was following a straight path toward the city. Fortunately, perhaps because of its size, it was moving quite slowly.


“I’m going to try to attack it! Ice Spear!”


Selen announced so and then launched a lance made of ice at the Behemoth’s back. With the help of gravity, it descended at a great speed and made a direct hit.


“It just broke into pieces!? And it didn’t even make a scratch!”


It’s skin’s so tough!

Philia-san also fired an arrow while Gori-chan let out a self-induced fighting aura projectile, but both had no effect as well.


“It hasn’t even noticed us after all that, has it?”

“Wait, it’s not aware of us? Then, how about if I do this?”


I then made a moat under the Behemoth. It was an ultra-large one that could fit the entirety of Behemoth’s gigantic body.




The Behemoth fell in the hole that appeared out of nowhere.

Due to its heavy body, all it could do was thrash around in the hole and was unable to climb itself out.

Alright, at least we’ve stopped its movement for now.


“Amazing, Luke!”

“But how are we going to defeat it? None of our attacks have had any effect…”


At that moment, the Behemoth raised its long snout up at the sky and then expelled something out, much like a fountain releasing some water.


“Is that…sand!?”


Large quantities of sand rained down on the oasis city. Before long, the oasis was covered in a layer of sand.


“It’s, it’s just the like in the legends…that monster’s really the one responsible for turning this entire region into a desert…how are we supposed to defeat a fiend that’s basically a natural disaster??”


While looking down at the city that was now covered in sand, Queen Maribel was aghast and talked with her voice trembling.

Even our hunters weren’t able to inflict damage on Behemoth after all.


“I wonder, will it still be undamaged if I make a very heavy facility fall down on it?”


Or maybe we can attack it from within?

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