Chapter 304: Its seal has been undone

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After we safely took back the palace, we soon wrested control of the city from the enemy sand raiders. Thanks to the majority of the sand raiders surrendering though, almost no further fights broke out.


“I guess I’ll just lock up the 500 who went to the hidden oasis for now.”

“Lock up…?”


Queen Maribel asked so with a puzzled look.

It might be best to go with her there later.


When I thought that, my footing all of a sudden got unsteady and even the whole throne room rumbled.


“An earthquake?”

“No, earthquakes rarely happen here…”


The queen was doubtful that it was an earthquake.

One might expect the shaking to become weaker as time passed, but it instead only grew stronger.


“Y-your Majesty! The ruins…!?”



The throne room was located in the highest point in the palace. Thanks to that, if one looked out a window from here, they could see the oasis townscape and its surroundings. And on the edge of the city, a gigantic pyramid-like structure arose and towered over everything else.


“The ruins…are shaking…!?”


Even from where we stood, we could see the ruins shake. The stones it was made with were crumbling with each shake.


“The ruins is the hypocenter of this? No, it can’t be…”


As though she just realized something, Queen Maribel gasped.

And then, we heard some loud sound. This was accompanied by the upper half of the ruins bursting open.


“…something is there?”


At the top of the ruins was a large, gaping hole.

It almost looked like there was something moving within that hole.

The ruins didn’t look especially big, but that was only because we were a great distance away from it. Factoring that in, the structure must have easily been 200 meters in height and its base was likely double that in width.

If something was as large as that structure, it was only natural that I shuddered.


“W-what, is that…?”

“I don’t know either…all I know is that something truly unbelievable is in there.”


I would have been more than fine if what I saw was just a figment of my imagination, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Selen and Philia-san saw something too.


“Kasim! Did you lay your hands on the ruins as well!?”


Queen Maribel shouted so at Kasim who was inside a cell.


“You were once royalty, so you should know more than everybody else how dangerous the ruins are!”

“B-but that’s just something people are told so that they don’t enter the place, when in truth, there’s great treasures waiting inside…”

“You idiot! Just when I thought you can’t get any stupider!!!”



Even though there was an iron grill separating them, Kasim was overcome with fear thanks to the queen’s menacing glare.

He had arbitrarily assumed that the ruins was the grave of some ancient king. Dazzled by the treasures that might lay within, he sent his sand raiders to investigate. However, the only result that produced was what was happening right now.


“A terrible monster is sealed in there, you see…”


Her voice trembling, Queen Maribel informed us so.


“…this region is said to once be a lush land, but that monster turned all of it into the desert we now know.”

“Huh? It turned a lush land into a desert?”


For a single monster to change the landscape, honestly, it was quite hard to imagine.


“There are records that say this monster is a follower of a Demon Lord who tried to rule the world long, long ago…”


There are Demon Lords in this world?


While I was thinking that, the ruins’ destruction continued, with the debris being scattered all around it. Before long, the monster could be fully seen.




Almost like it was celebrating its revival, it held its long nose up and made a loud cry.

Having a height of nearly 200 meters, it was almost like a small mountain.

Owing to its gigantic ears and tusks, it was certainly similar in form to an elephant.


“Like I thought, its seal has been undone…it’s the Beast King Behemoth…!”

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