Chapter 312: Where did all of them come from?

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At the waterfront of the village’s pasturing grounds.

I was surprised to see lots of creatures living in a water moat I built and customized there.

<<Water moat: a ditch to be used for defending against enemy invasions. This is the kind that is filled with water. Its shape can be chosen.>>

“Dolphins, turtles, even penguins…where did all of them come from?”

Naturally by now, each one of them was larger than usual. Even the fishes leisurely swimming within the water moat were easily over 1 meter long.

“We’ve taught the dolphins to do some tricks! They’re about as smart as dogs, so I think they’ll surprise you with what they can do!”

Hassen gave a signal and the large dolphins speedily jumped out of the water.


Overwhelmed by the sight of the large dolphins, I unintentionally let out a shout.

Each one of the dolphins dancing in mid-air was over 3 meters in length. After a moment, they then dove down into the water with all their might.

The impact produced large splashes of water which eventually poured down on the surroundings like rain.

“……….ahh, we’ve gotten soaked.”

“Hahaha! How was it!? Pretty amazing, isn’t it!?”

“I get moved whenever I see it!”

The three of us got soaked, but Hassen and Neruru didn’t even seem to notice and just excitedly chatted.

Oh well, it’s one thing if it’s winter and we can easily catch a cold, but since it has gotten a fair warmer recently, this feels rather nice.

Afterwards, we began to make a zoo somewhere in the farmland for livestock.

I was confident that a regularly held show by the animals was going to be a hit among the villagers. Before long, tourists hoping to visit the zoo would surely come, making it a new attraction for the village.

In a small forest located in a corner of the village’s area for fields.

It might look like any ordinary forest, but if one looked carefully enough, they would immediately notice the phenomenon that couldn’t happen in any of those ordinary forests.

The phenomenon in question was the trees moving on their own.

“Tri-chan’s kids have grown up!”

The “Tri-chan” that Neruru mention was the Tree Dragon that moved to this village from the monster-infested forest near the village.

It might look like a dragon, but it was actually a kind of tree-like monsters called Trents. For some reason, it had decided to put down its roots, literally, here in the fields. Moreover, it had spread its seeds here. What grew from those seeds were unsurprisingly not yet as large as the original Tree Dragon, but even now, they had grown into marvelous trees.

And thanks to that, we had this small forest so near the fields.

The trees were all Tree Dragons, so each of them were able to move.

They would sometimes move to a different spot the next day, the sight of which shocked the people visiting and touring around the village.

Despite it being a forest of Tree Dragons, children had recently been visiting the area to use it as a kind of playground.



Some kids rode on swing-like things that were suspended on the Tree Dragons’ branches and were being spun around. The children were also using the trees’ trunks like they would a slide. Some of them slept in hammocks made from the trees’ leaves. Some hid inside the secret bases they built around the trees’ bases. Some of the more athletic kids even jumped from branch to branch.

Because the trees could move even its trunks and branches, this forest was basically different with each visit. Thanks to that, it was quite a great playground for the children.

“But they’re still monsters, right?”

“It’s alright! No need to worry! Tri-chan and her children like little kids! They won’t even let the kids get hurt. Look!”

One of the little kids suddenly jumped from a high place.

Just as I was comprehending the situation, a Tree Dragon extended its branch.

The kid grabbed onto that branch, swung circles around the branch, and let go of their hold. The kid, now airborne again, then spun circles in the midair until they landed on a cushion of gathered leaves.

“I wanna go too!”

“Me too! Me too!”

“Don’t forget about me! Village chief, please watch me!”

The other kids all together raised their voices like that.

I thought the first kid would have been the only one to be able to pull off something like that, but the other kids also managed to perform equally great aerial stunts of their own. There were even kids of maybe only 5 years old among them and those kids were able to do 2 spins in the air.

“Aren’t the kids, I don’t know, too athletic…?”

Apparently, playing in the forest freely made them acquire physical abilities that shouldn’t be normal for a child like them to have.

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