Chapter 270: Why don’t you take this chance to visit our village?

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“We’ll try to give you as painless of a death as possible.”

<<Noooooooooooooooo!! I don’t want to be devoureeeddddddddd!!>>


The dragon begged for its life, but everyone was already fully set on eating the monster.


“Mhm? Wait, there’s something strange going on…”

“Is the dragon…shrinking?”

“Nah, there’s no w…it really is!?”


The dragon’s large body suddenly began shrinking.

We initially thought it was just an illusion or something, but it soon became clear that it wasn’t.

Just moments before, the dragon was large enough to be trapped tight between the two halves of the park, but there was now enough of a gap between the dragon and the top half of the park.

We thought that the dragon shrank itself just so it could escape, but it continued shrinking itself further. Eventually, it became smaller than the average person.


“Forgive me! Please find it in you to overlook my transgression!!”


Before we knew it, a young human girl has taken its place and was prostrating herself with teary eyes.




That naturally shocked everyone.

The gigantic dragon has now become a girl of about 10 years of age. She was probably even smaller than me.


“Oh my! She’s so cute ♡”

“Is this…humanification?”

“Philia-san, you know something about it?”

“Mhm. I’ve heard that some of the more outstanding monsters can use a special kind of magic that allows them to take on a humanoid form.”


If not for the horns growing out of her head as well as her tail, no one would have any clue that the girl before us was actually a dragon.


“I ‘respect’ you humans! This form is a testament to that! So, please don’t eat me. Please? Please?”


With watery eyes, the dragon girl begged us to spare her.


“W-well, when you ask us like that.”


It didn’t matter how much it begged us while it was in its dragon form, our decision would always be to eat it. However, when it begged in that form, we could no longer see it as food.

…I mean, we can’t, right?


“Devouring cute little girls isn’t my kind of thing, honey.”

“When you’re the one saying it, Gori-chan, it almost sounds like you mean something else…”

“Can’t be helped, I guess. We’ll let you off this time.”

“Oooh, thank you!!!”


The dragon girl said so while jumping up and down in joy.

Acting like that, she really looked nothing more than an innocent little girl.


*(…I’m glad I killed the time back then by learning how turn myself into a human. Respect humans? Like I ever would. Kukuku, but humans sure are so gullible. Just a little bit of acting and they’re already fooled.)*


Huh? Am I imagining things or did the dragon girl had a malicious expression on her face for a moment?


“Ahm, hello, I’m Luke. I’m, I guess, the leader of this group.”

“What, you’re the leader? But you’re so short.”

“…uugh, I know I am, you don’t have to point it out.”

“W-well, for someone like me, you humans are all so tiny! S-so, don’t worry about it!”


The dragon girl tried to follow up, but it wasn’t much of one.


“…anyway, sorry again for attacking you *(so, this is their leader. Kukuku, what luck that it happened to be the most gullible-looking of them all.)*

“We’re sorry too for entering your territory uninvited. Do you live somewhere around here?”

“Mhm, my nest is somewhere nearby. I mainly eat the wyverns here, so when I saw you people hunting them, I decided to attack.”

“I see. I guess we should refrain from hunting them too much.”

“Yeah, as long as you don’t overdo it, I don’t mind. And as long as you promise to not eat me, of course… *(let’s tug at this guy’s heartstrings more, kukuku…)*


With upturned eyes, the dragon girl pleaded so.


“Ahaha, don’t worry, we won’t eat you.”

“Thank you! *(Kuku, they’re really so easy to deceive. But before they wise up, I should escape.)* …very well then, I’ll return to my nest now.”

“Ah, wait.”


I called out to the dragon girl who has already turned her back to us.


“Why don’t you take this chance to visit our village?”



I thought that to apologize for earlier, we should treat her to some wyvern dishes.

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