Chapter 271: Once I lose it, I can’t ever grow it backkkkkk!

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After we concluded our wyvern hunt, I used 3D Reposition to make the park fly us back to the village.


*(What’s happening…? How is this large patch of land flying?)*


We were returning together with the dragon that assumed the form of an adorable little girl.

We had decided that treating her to some wyvern dishes would be our means of apologizing for entering her domain.


“We should be arriving in the village soon.”

“M-mhm… *(Can this be a trap, after all? I agreed to visiting their village, but if this is just a scheme to capture me and eat me later, I have to find a way to escape…! But if I seem like I’m suspecting something, they might bring me down right away…Ghh, what should I do!?)*

“Ahm, by the way, do you have a name?”

“!? What!? Is there something on my face!?”

“No, I was just wondering what to call you.”


Dragon girl was kinda long, after all. Besides, I thought it was weird to call a dragon, dragon. That would be like calling a human, human.


“We dragons don’t address each other with names, hence our lack of one!”

“Is that so?”

“Address me however you see fit.”


It seemed like dragons weren’t particular about how they were addressed.


“Even so, I can’t think of anything good…”

“How about Dora-chan?”


While I was trying hard to come up with a name, Gori-chan suggested so.


“That’s not so bad. Are you fine with us calling you Dora?”

“Feel free to do so.”

“Mhm-mhm, it’s such a cute name, isn’t it? Nice to meet you, Dora-chan!”

*(…I’ve been wondering this for a while now, but what is this person? It feels more like a monster than a human…)*


In reaction to Gori-chan making ‘heart-eyes’ and swaying her hips, the dragon girl stepped back a little. Yes, even to a dragon, Gori-chan had left quite the powerful impression.


“M-more importantly, are you sure it’s alright for me to enter your village full of humans?”

“Ahaha, yeah, don’t worry about it. Your horns and tail might attract a little attention, but as long as you remain in that form, everything will be alright. Everyone in the village is kind, you know.”


I thought the Dora was making a troubled face because she was being reserved, so I assured her that it was fine.


“I-I see…”

“Anyway, we have lots of great chefs, so I’m sure they’ll be able to prepare something really good.”

*(Prepare something good…surely, he’s talking about wyvern cuisines, right!? Or is he talking about food made out of me!?)*

“Orc and Minotaur cuisines have been our specialty cuisines for quite some while.”

*(They’re not planning to add me to their menu, right!?)*


At that moment, Noel-kun asked something.

There were many gluttons among the group of hunters, but he was one of the biggest eaters among them.


“Chief…can we really not eat any part of her? Just her tail would do…”

*(They really were planning to eat me!?)*


In response, I chided him.


“You know my answer’s going to be no, right? It’s her one and only tail….hmm? unless, of course, you’re like a lizard and you can regrow it…?”

“I-it’s the only tail I’ll ever have! Once I lose it, I can’t ever grow it backkkkkk!”


She apparently couldn’t do so naturally. It might be possible for the tail to grow back if we made her drink some elixirs though.


*(Was their plan worse than I thought!? Were they thinking of capturing me so that they can continuously, for eternity, harvest my tail!? How much more frightening can they be!? I really need to get out of here, after all…)*


While we were like that, the village came into view below us.


“Dora, look, that’s our village.”



When I pointed at the village, Dora looked shocked.


“That looks more like a city to me…”

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