Chapter 269: Please spare my lifeeeeeeee!!!

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<<To think you have cornered me this much…well fought, humans.>>


I suddenly heard a voice in my head.

It was a similar sensation to whenever Satin the former bandit contacted me via his [Telepathy] Gift.


Selen followed with a question.


“What, whose voice was that just now? Luke, is that a skill of yours?”

“No, it wasn’t me. Did everyone else hear it too?”


Apparently, it wasn’t just me that heard the voice.

However, even when we tried to look around, we couldn’t find anyone who could be the owner of the voice.


In the first place, there was no one else here in the park that was flying high up in the sky.

The only other one here besides us was the dragon pinned by the two halves of the park.


“Wait, can it be…”

<<It was I, human.>>

“Ehhhh!? The dragon talked!?”


It was technically a telepathic message, but the fact remains that it could communicate.


<<This is nothing for me.>>


The dragon then snorted as though to brag.


“I’ve heard that Ancient Dragons—which are dragons that have lived for a long, long time—were highly intelligent and that some can even communicate with people, but even so…”


Philia-san relayed that information to us, but she herself was in denial of the possibility that it could be true.


<<That is correct. I am an Ancient Dragon. I am a being that is vastly different from the average dragon. And yet, you’ve proven yourselves to be my equal. For that, I commend you all.>>


Didn’t it just say that we’ve cornered it?


<<To reward you for that accomplishment, I’ll let all of you go. Kukuku, aren’t I magnanimous?>>


This time, the dragon was even acting like it had the upper hand.


“This dragon’s quite haughty, isn’t it?”

“Let’s pay it no mind. Let’s just take it down, Captain Selen.”

“There’s a chance that an Ancient Dragon tastes better than young dragons!”


Bringing back the dragon’s meat was the only thing in the hunter’s minds right now.


<<Wait, wait a second! I’m going to fight seriously if you insist that we continue, you know? You don’t want to fight me when I’m serious! Once I go all-out, you’ll be pulverized in an instant, you hear!?>>


The obviously flustered dragon threated us as much as it could.


“Hmp, I’d like to see you try.”

<<Y-you sure!? I’m giving you a chance to flee, you know!? If you pass this up, only death awaits you! So, are you sure? Are you really, really sure!?>>

“Shut up and get on with it already.”

<<N-no, I’ll wait one minute! I’ll give you all one minute! I’m rarely this kind, you know!? So, think hard before you proceed! But don’t take too long because I’m only giving you a minute!>>


…no matter how I looked at it, the dragon was clearly just bluffing.


“We don’t need a minute. Let’s get this started.”


Selen flatly rejected the dragon’s ‘kind offer’, and was about to start attacking the dragon again.


<<Kukuku, even after I gave you a chance, this is what you choose. This is why humans are so foolish. Very well, take this, my ultimate move—>>


The dragon then opened its mouth wide.

It seemed like it was about to do another breath attack.

Moreover, given its confidence just now, we thought that this one might be more powerful than the one before. As such, we all braced ourselves.

And then…


<<I surrenderrrrrrrrr!!! So, please! Please spare my lifeeeeeeee!!!>>


It’s surrendering so profusely!


<<I beg you! Please, please spare me! Besides, my meat doesn’t taste good at all! T-that’s the truth!>>


In a complete reversal of attitude, the dragon was now desperately begging for its life.

In reaction, everyone looked at their fellow hunters.


“…even though it’s a dragon, it’s kinda pitiful, ain’t it?”

“Besides, when you think about it, we’re a little bit at fault for intruding on its turf.”

“You’ve got a point.”


Oh, they’re reconsidering? Well, I don’t really mind since eating a dragon which can communicate is a bit, yeah…


“Very well, guess we don’t have any other choice then…”

<<O-oh, you’re letting me go!?>>


The dragon’s eyes were sparkling when Selen finished her sentence.


“We’ll try to give you as painless of a death as possible.”




“We’ll also cook and eat every part of you, making sure there’s no waste.”

“We’ll also say ‘itadakimasu!’, the phrase that the chief taught us, before eating you.”

“Hmm, hmm.”


So, you didn’t change your minds at all about eating the dragon!? Also, saying that phrase doesn’t excuse anything, you know! It’s not some kind of get-out-of-jail card!


<<Noooooooooooooooo!! I don’t want to be devourrreeeddddddddd!!>>

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