Chapter 226: Don’t say it like thaaaaaat!!!

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After Selen’s declaration of victory, Gori-chan giggled as though she was simply amused by that.


“Ufufu, care to enlighten me about this tactic of yours?”


Gori-chan said so, absolutely composed.

At this point, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Gori-chan nigh invincible, so I myself was wondering what this tactic could be.

With Gori-chan and everyone else on the audience focused on her, Selen spoke.


“Sure. It’s to…not attack!”


……what’s that supposed to mean??


 “Ara ara, ufufu…”


I was unable to comprehend what Selen said, but Gori-chan smiled as though she was impressed by those enigmatic words.

So, is Selen right?


“But you know, that tactic of yours has, unfortunately, a grave flaw. And that is…”


In the next moment, Gori-chan kicked the ground and leapt at Selen.


“I’m plenty strong from the start!”


Gori-chan released a barrage of punches.

Selen was somehow avoiding it while falling back, but then…


“It’s useless!”



One punch managed to graze Selen. It was just a graze, but it was enough to deal great damage and even knock her back.


“Fufufu, your brother could have evaded that one completely, but I guess it’s too much for you.”

“Gaa…I-I knew it was going to be powerful, but…”


Gori-chan was right. Selen was mighty quick, but she paled in comparison to Selius-kun who controlled the wind to make himself even faster.


“On the other hand…I have my magic!”


At that moment, Gori-chan’s body trembled some more.

The ring was also covered with some white smoke. The smoke was probably more a byproduct of the coldness in the ring than the intended result.


“I see. So, you plan is to freeze me, just like what you did in the semifinals? Ufufu, then, before that happens, I’ll just have to defeat––––!? M-my lower half’s already frozen!?”


Gori-chan was surprised to see that in no time at all, the lower half of her body was about to be encased in ice. She still tried to move forward, but the condition of her feet and the slippery floor made it hard if not dangerous.

Gori-chan still has that move she used against Selius-kun though. As long as she can still move her upper half, she should be able to launch those fighting spirit projectiles.


“Too bad you can’t use that move right now, right!? I’ve observed from your matches that the more you get attacked, the more powerful you become.”


Thinking back on it, it did feel like she grew stronger each time she punched Alec-san’s greatsword or got cut by Selius-kun’s swords.

…so, you’re telling me she wasn’t just being an M!?


“I know that carelessly attacking you will just repeat Selius’s blunder.”

“Ufufu, it’s indeed as you say. The more I get attacked, the more I grow stronger…I’m a trueborn masochist ♡”


I doubted simply being one would cause such an effect.


“You’re right about that technique I used against your brother as well. I can only use it once I’ve been stimulated a lot…”


So that’s why Selen threw away her swords…

Seeing through that kind of thing was amazing, but the courage to throw away one’s weapons was worthy of admiration as well.

For Selen, who had always rushed into things, to fight strategically like this…she sure has grown up. I say that, but she’s the older one between us…


At any rate, the next thing I knew, Gori-chan’s lower body has been completely frozen. She was now unable to walk a single step.


“I win!”

“…are you sure about that?”



Gori-chan then laughed as though she was wasn’t bothered at all.


“Ufufu, I wonder if you know this already, but you can achieve pleasure…all by yourself!”


Gori-chan clenched her fists and then…boom!

She punched her own face. It wasn’t just the once either, she punched her face over and over again.


“What…!? Y-you’re hurting yourself…!?”


By doing so, she was perhaps hoping to forcibly increase her own might.


“Yes! I’m pleasuring myself!!”


Don’t say it like thaaaaaat!!!

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