Chapter 225: I…I can do that kind of thing to Luke…

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“What should I do…even Selius-kun lost…”


Selius-kun, the one I pinned my hopes on, had unfortunately lost his semifinal match.

As such, the two who would be fighting in the grand finals ended up being Selen and Gori-chan.


I was hanging my head low when…


“Ufufu, chief-chan, I’ve made it to the finals! Just one more win and you’ll grant me whatever I ask for, right?”



After her match, Gori-chan approached me with a smile on her face.

I couldn’t fault her for it since it happened in the course of her match, but she was practically naked at the moment. Thanks to that, my anxiety increased some more.

Worse yet, the way she eyeing my body…No matter how I thought about it, her request was definitely something one shouldn’t say in front of a child, to say the least.


“Dream on! I’ll be the one who’ll win, after all!”


Selen gallantly interjected.


“And then, I…I can do that kind of thing to Luke…”


Right after though, as though she was daydreaming about something, Selen suddenly broke into a broad grin.

Do that kind of thing…there’s no doubt about what she’ll wish for now! Argh, why were these two the ones who made it to the finals! Ohh, I know! Why don’t I make a match with Raul be the REAL grand finals…yeah, no, Raul who’s always itching for a fight might like it, but I don’t see anyone else seeing that as fair…


“Oh dear, who should my prayer to win be for? In both cases, Luke-sama will be…b-but maybe it’s more tolerable if it’s his bottom that’s…”


Millia, seemingly at wit’s end as well, mumbled something.

Did she just say my bottom…?


If asked which of the two were the lesser evil, I would likely pick Selen over Gori-chan.

At any rate, while the semifinal matches were scheduled for morning, the grand finals was set in the afternoon. That way, both participants would have enough time to recover stamina and heal up.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


After a break, it was finally time to start the grand finals.




The crowd’s excitement has just achieved a new record high.


“Mmm, let’s have a fight worthy of the grand finals, okay? ♡”

“Yeah! I look forward to fighting against you!”

“Me too. Cut me up plenty me with your swords, okay, Selen-chan.”

“Sorry, can’t help you there!”



The two grand finalists stood atop the ring, facing each other.

At that moment, the crowd’s deafening cheers was suddenly replaced by a chilly silence.

Needless to say, the tension in the air was palpable. Everyone was at the edge of their seats, wondering what kind of fight they would witness as the grand finals of this exciting tournament.


On one side was Gori-chan holding the edges of her skirt and standing cutely (?), and on the other, Selen–––




No one could believe what they just saw.

Selen had thrown her two swords outside of the ring.


Such an unexpected action left the venue completely baffled.

One couldn’t be faulted for thinking she had just forfeited the match.


“Are you saying you’ll defeat me without your swords?”


“Oh my…you sure sound determined to win.”

“You bet I am!”


I thought it was pretty reckless to fight Gori-chan without a weapon, but Selen herself seemed enthusiastic about it.

The problem was, without knowing what her plan was, I was unsure how to apply Villager Enhancement on her.


What’s that? Am I really going to use it in the finals? Of course, I am!


“Nnggh…? Is it just me or has it gotten real cold in here?”


Gori-chan said so as her body greatly trembled.

On a closer look, one could see that some white smoke was rising from all over the ring.


“I’ve been watching your previous matches, you know, and I came up with this tactic!”


Perhaps due to her confidence in her anti-Gori-chan tactic, Selen snappily pointed a finger at her opponent and then boldly declared something.


“Victory is mine!”

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