Chapter 224: It’s like the body’s made of metal or something…

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Noel-kun has lost to Selen! W-w-w-what should I do now!?


“No, calm down, calm down. I still have Selius-kun…all my hope’s on you, Selius-kun…!”


I no longer had any choice but hope he could defeat Selen in the finals.

Before any of that though, he needed to defeat another formidable enemy in his own semifinal match.


“Fufufu, another wonderful opponent. This pretty lady’s so happy ♡!”



Gori-chan smiled at Selius-kun, but the latter only twitched his face.


It’s alright, it’s alright! I know you can do it, Selius-kun!!


I frantically cheered like that in my mind.

Gori-chan was probably a more formidable opponent than Selen, but I had no other choice than to believe that Selius-kun would triumph over her.

It should go without saying that I was resolved in using Villager Enhancement to support him. Based on his way of fighting, I figured I should amplify his power by only a low amount so that I could do it for longer.


“Now, come attack me any which way you want…! I’m ready to accept all of it with my love and my body!”


With arms open wide, Gori-chan declared so. In response to her invitation, Selius-kun slashed at her with tremendous speed.


As soon as I saw him get past her, the part of her clothes that was covering the side of her torso suddenly got torn open, baring the muscles within.

I had no idea exactly when the slice happened though.


“You’re really fast, aren’t you?”

“What a tough body…after all that, I only made such a shallow cut…it’s like the body’s made of metal or something…”


It would seem that Gori-chan’s body was tougher than what he expected it to be.


“Even so…I’ll just have to cut you many, many times…!”


Selius-kun proceeded to attack Gori-chan multiple times.

It looked like Gori-chan tried to launch counterattacks, but Selius-kun moved so quickly that she couldn’t hit him.


“Superb! You’ve been the only one landing attacks so far!”

“I don’t know what it is, but my body moves so effortlessly today! Get ready to be slashed some more!”


…the reason his body was moving so effortlessly was, of course, Villager Enhancement. Thankfully, the person himself still hasn’t realized it.

Having been slashed over and over, her clothes became tattered. And due to that, her body has become exposed here and there.




Gori-chan’s face turned red from embarrassment.

That said, all that was exposed was her muscles.

No one would be excited by that.



“Gori-chan’s body!”

“What fantastic muscles…!”


–––I take that back.

A portion of the macho people seemed to be the exception.


At any rate, Selius-kun’s strategy seemed to be working against Gori-chan.

Sure, her steel-like body made her very durable, but as long as he stacked damage like this, sooner or later…!


“Ahh! There! More! Ahh! So good!”


Now practically naked, Gori-chan shouted repeatedly while making a face that seemed like she was in ecstasy.


“Here I goooooooooo!”


Her ecstatic shouts then turned into a throaty war cry. The moment it happened, what little remained of her clothes disappeared due to her already brawny muscles expanding further.




Her roar grew louder and louder until both of her fists became enveloped in light.


“W-what insane fighting aura…!”


At the same time as I heard Raul comment so, Gori-chan unleashed a series of punches while remaining where she stood.


“Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Oraaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”


Each time she punched the air, a fist-like projectile was fired.

The projectiles flew continuously like a storm and at extremely high speeds too, so it wasn’t a surprise that even Selius-kun found it hard to evade them all.




Selius-kun got hit by so many of the projectiles and was pushed until he was outside of the ring.


“Ufufu, it’s been a while since I went wild like this.”


Gori-chan said so and then laughed ecstatically.


Like that, Gori-chan was determined to be the winner for the second semifinal match.

In other words, contrary to my wishes, Selen and Gori-chan were the ones to advance to the grand finals.

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