Chapter 223: Isn’t the angel side supposed to win this sort of thing…

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<<That’s strange…isn’t the angel side supposed to win this sort of thing…>>

<<Kekeke, look, that angel nincompoop has so few things to convince you with that he has already run out of them. The choice is clear, right? Then, all you have to do is follow it!>>

<<Khh, at this rate…I’ve got little choice but use force!>>

<<Gya!? O-oi! Is this the kind of thing an angel would do!?>>


My inner angel and devil began to fight. Thanks to his surprise attack, my inner angel came up on top!


<<Y-you underhanded bastard!>>

<<Say what you will! As long as it’s for the right thing, there is no act too grave! Light Blade!>>



After uttering its death throes, my inner devil vanished.


<<Fufufu, I win! Now, Luke! Cleanse your mind of evil thoughts! Let us watch the match without doing anyth–––>>


I grabbed hold of my inner angel.



<<As long as it’s for right thing, there is no act too grave, right? *smirk*>>

<<H-hey, wait…>>


I then crushed the angel in my hand.

My mind now clear, I looked at the ring. The match was just about to start and the two fighters in the ring were raring to go.


I apologized to the both of them in my mind and used Villager Enhancement on Noel-kun.

I had to be careful of how much I reinforced him. Too little and it might not matter at all; too much and it might become obvious.

In the end, I decided to enhance Noel-kun by 1.2 times.


And so, amidst the loud cheering of the crowd, the match began.


Noel-kun immediately readied his shield.

Likely because she had seen Noel-kun defeat Philia-san by throwing his shield, Selen was maintaining a safe distance away—enough for her to react in time—as precaution. She could launch magic attacks from her position, but she knew it would just be defended by the shield, so she simply anticipated what move Noel-kun would make.

Just when things seemed to have come to a standstill, Noel-kun charged ahead.




Selen was quite surprised to see Noel-kun move faster than usual.

…actually, Noel-kun himself was quite surprised too.

Thankfully, no one seemed to suspect that Villager Enhancement was in effect.


Selen retreated after judging that it was too risky to be this near Noel-kun.

Noel-kun tried to pursue, but even with my reinforcement, Selen was just too quick.


Hmm, should I reinforce him some more? That’ll cut the time I can strengthen him though…


While I was deliberating such a thing, Noel-kun suddenly fell to the ground.

This made the crowd go wild.


There’s something incredibly weird about the way he fell…also, is just my imagination or is the ring kind of sparkling…?


Noel-kun tried to stand back up, but he just fell down right away. And the way he fell almost seemed like he slipped…


“N-no way…”


For some reason, the ring was reflecting the sun’s rays even though it wasn’t supposed produce such an effect.


“…you’ve frozen the entire ring?”


Selen laughed.


“How is it, Noel? You can’t move properly, can you?”

“It’s so slippery…”


Apparently, Selen wasn’t simply running away from Noel-kun. She had been freezing the ring all the while.


“Isn’t that quite amazing? Wait, this isn’t the time to be praising Selen!”


Being rendered unable to walk, Noel-kun was in quite a pinch.

However, it wasn’t over just yet. Selen still doesn’t have a way to damage Noel-kun, after all.


*Crackle, crackle*


“My feet…”


Before long, it wasn’t just the ring that was frozen. The cold has crept up to Noel-kun’s feet and froze it in place as well.


“Surely, you’ll agree that having your whole body frozen in place pretty much means defeat, won’t you?”

“…I…haven’t lost yet…!”


Noel-kun decided to take desperate measures.


While his lower body was still frozen, he hurled his gigantic shield toward Selen. However, as though she predicted this move, Selen nimbly and confidently stepped aside to let the shield pass by her.

Without a shield, Noel-kun was now bereft of any way to attack and defend.

He hung his head low and whispered something.


“I…admit defeat…”

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