Chapter 227: I’m actually smiling right now, see?

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“Ahhn! So good! Haa! I’m so close…!”


As Gori-chan intensified the rate she was hurting herself, so too did her stimulation flare up.

It might be worth mentioning that, except for a small portion, the crowd was quite taken aback by her actions.


Selen tried to freeze Gori-chan’s entire body before the latter’s tension reached its peak. However, probably because of how high Gori-chan’s body temperature was at the moment, all of it was in vain.

Of course, I was already supporting Selen by using Villager Enhancement on her. It was less about making Selen win and more about freezing that pervert as soon as possible.

Eventually though, Gori-chan reached peak stimulation.




Gori-chan’s soft squeal soon turned into a fierce roar.

As her voice grew louder, her body’s muscles became more and more swollen. In fact, the ice wrapped around her lower body even showed multiple cracks.

Soon after, she gathered her fighting aura into her fists and then fired off multiple fist-like projectiles.


“Ora ora ora ora ora oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”


If I don’t do anything, Selen will lose! Villager Enhancement, tenfold!


Without caring for how long I could use Villager Enhancement afterward, I magnified Selen’s power levels by a great deal. After all, what use would restraint serve me if Selen gets hit and be defeated.

The superpowered Selen then moved so quickly that none of the incoming projectiles managed to hit her.


“N-no way”


Even Gori-chan was dumbfounded by the feat Selen just performed.

All the while, the cold continued to freeze her body until only her head was not encased in ice.


“I really thought I was about to win…”


Gori-chan said so before she became completely like an ice sculpture.

Like that, she was no longer able to fight.




Believing the match to be over, the crowd grew wild. It almost seemed like the ground was shaking.

However, something nobody expected happened. Selen suddenly raised her hands and said––


“It’s my loss this time.”


Selen out of nowhere just declared her defeat. At that, the crowd fell deathly silent.

…h-hey, Selen, what are you saying!?

I was about to celebrate having prevented Gori-chan from becoming champion, but now, I was at a loss for words.


Selen then melt the ice that trapped Gori-chan. Gori-chan was quite puzzled by all of it, if her raised eyebrow was any indication.


“What’s going on, dear?”

“If we fought normally, it would have been my defeat. And your victory!”


As though something clicked for her, Gori-chan uttered I see and nodded.


“My, Selen-chan, you’re such an awfully earnest girl. Ohh, I think I’m falling in love with you all over again ♡”

“It’s just the natural thing to do. It’s frustrating, but you’ve proven that you’re stronger than me. Only this time though. I’m gonna win our next fight!”


After saying so, Selen climbed down from the ring.

Instead of heading to the waiting rooms though, she seemed to be headed my way. Not only that, she was glaring directly at me. Her face was definitely that of anger.


…that can’t be good…


I turned around and tried to run away, but before I could, Selen grabbed me by the shoulder.

S-so quick!


“Fufu, Luke, where might you be headed?”

“W-w-w-well, I kinda need to go to the bathroom…”

“Can I ask you something first though?”

“Oh, can it wait? I’ve got quite a lot in the tank…if I don’t go now, things will get messy, you see…”

“Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Wait, why aren’t you looking at me?”

“I mean…you’re furious, right?”

“Furious? Why would I be furious? I’m actually smiling right now, see?”


I nervously turned to look. Selen’s mouth might have curved upward like a smile would, but there was no joy in her eyes. What’s more, the veins around her brows were so swollen, it seemed like they might pop at any moment.

You’re definitely furious no matter how I look at it!


“So, Luke, in my fight just now…you used that power, didn’t you?”

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