Chapter 194: I’ll use that one then

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In any case, I decided to let Gori-chan into the village.


“Omg, it’s just like the rumors say! Everyone’s so clean! I knew it: beauty springs from good health! Ahh, I was right in coming to this village! This is the best place for me to impart the spirit of beauty to others!”


Most of the time, immigrants would be stunned by things such as the village’s buildings, so this kind of reaction was rather rare.


“Ahh, before anything else, I should apologize for earlier, don’t I? I…flew into quite a rage…my, I’m so embarrassed.”


While holding her slightly reddened cheeks and wriggling her waist left and right, Gori-chan said so.


“Ah, ahm, no, don’t worry about it. I’m also sorry for the way the guards reacted.”


That being said, I could understand why the guards lacked tact.


“Ufufu, my, you’re so kind…♡”          



Gori-chan said so while looking at me fondly. At that moment though, Selen cut into the conversation.


“You, you’ve been ogling at him for quite a while now! If you’re a woman like you say you are, then I can’t forgive you!”


It would seem that Selen has begun to recognize that Gori-chan was a woman.


“Oh my, are you perhaps the chief’s wife?”

“I-I-I’m not! yet.


Selen whisphered something else toward the end there.

For some reason though, Gori-chan—her eyes sparkling—clasped Selen’s considerably smaller hands.


“Ahhn! How wonderful!!”


“You’re smitten by the chief, aren’t ya!?”


“I admit I’m already quite fond of the chief, but don’t worry dear, I won’t do something tasteless like get in your way!”

“You won’t?”

“Yup! Even better, I’d like to be of help! Let’s see…you’re cute as is, but if you let me work on you, I can make you even cuter!”


“Of course! It’d be easy!”


…I wasn’t sure what happened, but Gori-chan seemed to have won Selen over.


“And so, village chief, I’d like to ask for permission to build a beauty salon in this village.”

“A beauty salon? What’s that?”


Selen who hasn’t heard of a beauty salon asked so while tilting her head.

Almost as though Gori-chan was delighted by such a question, she enthusiastically explained it to Selen.


“A beauty salon is a place you go to make yourself more beautiful! It offers services like hair styling, makeup, fashion advice, skin care, and more!”

“Ohh. First time I’ve ever heard of such a place.”

“But of course! I’ve just thought of it recently after all!”


Apparently, Gori-chan came up with the concept of beauty salons on her own.

I for one haven’t heard anyone in this world say the term beauty salon, or even just describe it.

In fact, save for a few nobles, the very act of styling one’s hair or putting on makeup was not at all a common thing.

Not even barbershops were common. In at least the village, there was not a single barbershop in business. Everyone cut their own hair or they had a family member cut it for them.


“With a beauty salon, I can make everyone pretty like me!”

“I-is that so…”


Selen was quite absorbed with the concept of a beauty salon, but when Gori-chan said that, it was as if Selen awoke from a dream. She probably thought that if the end goal was to be like Gori-chan, she was better off refraining from the service.


“Don’t worry! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be utterly gorgeous!”


What if Selen starts putting on thick make-up, wearing frilly dresses, and also become buff, macho even …?

While worrying about that, I suddenly remembered something.


“Oh, yeah. I’ll use that one then.”


The village’s level went up recently, and thanks to that, I was able to build new kinds of facilities. That included a beauty salon.


<<Beauty Salon (200pts): a facility for improving one’s appearance. Make everyone pretty!>>


Who knows, maybe through the facility’s features and effects, the kind of beauty that Gori-chan strives for would be a bit more…normal.


“Oh my! It’s all so wonderful! Can I really use this place!?”


Gori-chan was so overjoyed when she saw the pretty and primarily pink building. So much so that she and her twintails swung left and right.


“Yup…but can I ask you to listen to your customers’ requests regarding how they want to made prettier?”

“But of course! I’ll never be so conceited to think that my opinions are the only thing that matters!”


While hoping that would indeed be the case, I entrusted Gori-chan of the beauty salon.

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