Chapter 195: Who else do you think it is!?

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“Hey, Luke!”



When I turned around toward the sound of Selen’s voice, I accidentally let out a confused voice.

I was pretty sure it was Selen who called out to me, but to my surprise, I found an unfamiliar beautiful girl there.




The girl was fidgeting and acted as though she was embarrassed.


“Wait, are you perhaps…Selen?”

“Of course I am! Who else do you think it is!?”


Selen has become so pretty, I didn’t even recognize her. I thought it was another person entirely!

Her blue hair now had a fluffy kind of perm; she wore clothes that accentuated her feminine cuteness; and her face had a moderate and natural-looking makeup.


“Ufufu! She’s absolutely gorgeous, ain’t she, village chief?”



Could this be the work of Gori-chan…?

I was anxious that Gori-chan would turn Selen into a mini-Gori-chan of sorts, but it seemed like she made Selen prettier in the way that the latter preferred.


“No matter how you look at her, she’s divine, right? Why, I’d say she’s the finest work of art I’ve ever done in my entire beauty-dedicated life! I can’t really explain it, but my techniques were so much more effective this time around.”


The facility I built definitely helped in this, but it must be said that Gori-chan’s skills were a vital factor as well.



“My, this won’t do, chief! You’ve got to say your impressions out loud and to the person herself!”


Gori-chan grabbed hold of my shoulders and effortlessly pushed me toward Selen.

…she’s so strong!


“Selen…ahm…I think, you’re super cute today.”



In an instant, Selen’s face grew bright red.

And then, while fidgeting like she did a while ago, she whispered something.


“C-c-can you…say that one more time?”


…wait, now even I’m embarrassed!


“…you’re, you’re super cute!”



Almost at the same time, Selen and Gori-chan shifted their bodies body from side to side, almost as though they were squirming.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh! Youth! Youthhhhhhhhhh! What I’d give to have someone tell me thaaaaaaat!”


…the mood’s kinda ruined now.


“W-what’s the meaning of this!?”


Suddenly someone else interjected.

That someone was Millia.


“How…how can that frumpish girl suddenly become…”

“Who are you calling frumpish!?”

“Ghh, I hate to admit it, but I’m at a slight disadvantage right now…”

“What do you mean slight!? I’m clearly wiping the floor with you!”


A giant, err, I meant Gori-chan then approached the frustrated Millia.


“Do you want to become more beautiful as well?”

“!? Who are you…?”

“H-hey, Gori-chan! Don’t! You should just leave that one alone!”


Selen tried to stop Gori-chan, but Gori-chan responded by shaking her head.


“Sorry dear, I can’t do that. I can’t choose sides. I’m an evangelist of beauty, you see.”



A look of helplessness appeared on Selen’s face.


“Now, Millia-chan, was it? Let’s go~! Your raw beauty’s also amazing, but by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be divine!”



Millia was still half in doubt, but Gori-chan carried her away anyway.

Selen, meanwhile, dropped to her knees and hanged her head down.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“What do you think, Luke-sama?”


Millia has achieved a transformation that wouldn’t lose out to Selen’s.

Her long, black hair was glossier and silkier than usual; her makeup made her look more mature; and the daring dress she was wearing accentuated her outstanding proportions as much as was possible.

Her dress had a window around her chest that made her cleavage visible. It also had a slit in the skirt part, which exposed one of her long and beautiful legs.


While Selen’s new look sought to improve her cuteness, Millia’s sought to improve her attractiveness.

Each one’s new look seemed to match the person’s strongpoints.


“Ahm…I think, you’re super attractive today.”



Upon saying so, Millia’s mature face became childlike as it turned red.

It was then that Selen interjected.


“Tell me, Luke, which one of us do you prefer!?”

“Fufufu, you’ll pick me, right, Luke-sama?”

“No, you’ll pick me, won’t you!?”

“No way, it’s gotta be me.”


Please don’t fight!


“Ahh, what a dilemma this is, village chief! I know full well what you’re feeling right now. I myself can’t choose which masterpiece of mine I prefer!”


Gori-chan decided on her own that our troubles were similar.


“But worry not! I have a solution for us!”

“A solution…?”


Her muscular arm raised high, Gori-chan made an enthusiastic declaration.


“If we can’t choose one, why not choose both~~~~~~~~!”


……yeah, that doesn’t solve anything at all.

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