Chapter 193: You lack experience, honey

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“OhemGee! Are you this village’s chief? My, you’re so cute~!”


After hearing me introduce myself, she(?) said so with sparkling eyes and while swaying her large body.


“C-chief, it’s dangerous here!”

“Please stay back!”


The pale-faced guards tried to stop me, but I instead calmed them down.


“Geez! Why are you treating me like I’m some kind of ogre! I’m a lady, you know! My name’s Goritiana! Feel free to call me Gori-chan though ♡”


“Yup, Gori-chaa~~~~n ♡♡♡”


…haa, I’m tired already…

That said, she didn’t seem to be a bad person.

I mean, if she really was up to something nefarious, she would have tried not to stand out as much as possible.


Selen and the guards were still on alert though.

Which was kind of understandable. After all, in this world, seeing people like her out in the public was probably a rare if not unprecedented thing.

In my previous life though, meeting such people—albeit maybe not as conspicuous as her—wasn’t unusual.


“Well then, Gori-chan, what did you come to our village for?”

“Oh my, do you really wanna know? Fantastic! As to be expected of the chief who built this village! Ah, I think I’m falling in love!”

“Ahm, thanks…”


All things considered, it must be said that Gori-chan’s muscles were quite formidable.

The number of machomen have recently grown in the village, but compared to her, they seemed quite normal. Considering she could train herself even more in this village…


“Back to your question. As you can plainly see, I am an evangelist of ‘beauty’!”

“An evangelist of ‘beauty’?”


The beauty of a muscular body?


“Women must strive to be more beautiful! I have lived my life following that single belief, and I have been rewarded by becoming an embodiment of beauty itself!”


I did my best to hold back on retorting.


“So now, I want to spread that belief to as many women as possible! And to do just that, I’ve been travelling all over, making the women at each place I stop by as beautiful as I can! Of course, when I heard of this new village in the wasteland, I just had to come!”

“I see.”


If pressed, all I was willing to say was that she sure had high aspirations.


“What nonsense! What part of you is the embodiment of beauty itself, huh!?”

“In the first place, you’re a man!”


The guards shouted so.



“Who…who’s a man, huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”


As though the guard spoke a taboo word, Gori-chan flipped out.

With all her might, she stomped her right foot, leaving behind a giant crack in the ground.

While my ears were still ringing from the sound that her stomp made, she closed her distance with a shivering guard. That guard was the same one that spoke the taboo word earlier.


“Ufufu…there’s no denying I’m a lady, right…?”


While holding the guard’s face between her hands and pressing her face against his, Gori-chan asked so.

She had a smile on her face, but her eyes weren’t smiling at all.




The guard was quite brawny himself, but next to Gori-chan, he looked almost like a child.

Gori-chan then asked the shuddering guard once again.



“Ye, yesh…a la…a lady!”

“Mhm, good answer! Mwuah ♡”



After being kissed—a mouth-to-mouth kiss at that—by Gori-chan, the guard lost consciousness…


“Oh my, a single kiss got you so excited you fainted? Ufufu, you lack experience, honey.”


Her hips swaying, Gori-chan walked away from the guard.

No matter how one looks at it, too much excitement was definitely not the reason the guard fainted.

…it seems a troublesome fellow has arrived in our village.

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