Chapter 166: It got bigger that way?  

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“Luke-sama, I think you should consider building a castle for yourself sometime soon.”


One day, Dant-san suggested so.


“Huh? A castle?”

“Yes. While the estate you’re living in now is magnificent, when compared to the tall buildings surrounding it, it looks almost common.”

“Hmm, even if you say that, the one I’m living in is more than spacious enough for me.”


Certainly, amidst the tall apartment buildings and whatnot, my home didn’t look as grand. However, since it was ordinarily just me, Millia, and Selen using it, it was, if anything, too big.

…well, there were the body doubles now too, but still.


“However, if the growth of the village continues at this pace, you will need more people to share the duties of governing the entirety of the village. And after a certain point, I’m afraid your estate won’t be enough.”


Apparently, the suggestion to make a castle wasn’t just in consideration of my living space.


“Will the village’s growth reach that point though?”


Honestly, we were already too big at the moment. I couldn’t imagine us getting so much bigger.

By the way, in regards to who was in charge of what, they were as follows:


The one in charge of affairs with other towns and territories was Dant-san.

The one in charge of affairs within the village and the villagers was Belrith-san.

The one in charge of commerce and industry was Brookley-san.

The one in charge of public order and perimeter defenses was Satin.


Brookley-san was formerly a merchant that belonged to the North’s most prominent company.

He was part of the founding family and have reached the rank of vice president, yet he still chose to step down from that in order to work here in the village.


Anyway, how to solve minor issues were left entirely to their judgment.

To be frank, I was pretty much an outsider in each area.

Oh, and I also made a body double follow them around so that the doubles could learn more things.


“Furthermore, the number of important people paying us a visit would increase in the future. It might be seen rude if we don’t let them stay at a castle.”

“It’s not like I’m wishing for more nobles to come though…”


In the first place, I wasn’t a lord or a governor; I was only a village chief and this place was just a village.


“…actually, I don’t think we should assume more nobles will come.”

“Viscount Dolz, Viscount Frenco, and Governor Mitchell might disagree with you. I should mention that those three have already expressed their wish for you to build a fitting castle as soon as possible.”


So, it wasn’t just Dant-san who thinks I should build a castle.


“Hmm, when you put it like that…”


Persuaded, I decided to build one.

Well, I wanted to, but when I recalled the list of facilities that my Gift allowed me to build, the closest one to a castle was called a [Palace].


A palace is fine, right? …will there be a difference? Well, won’t know ‘till I try it, I guess. It’s just 500 points anyway; it’s not that much. Plus, if I upgrade my current home from being a [Large House] to being a [Palace], it’ll only cost me 300 points. Alright. But before I do that, I should probably clear some space.


I assumed the palace would be 3 times as big as a large house and then moved the surrounding buildings accordingly.


“Luke-sama’s first castle…if it’s all the same, isn’t it better if the castle’s bigger?”

“Yeah, you should clear more space. At this rate, it’ll be smaller than my parents’ home.”

“Nah, this much is enough. I mean, a village chief having a castle is strange enough, it’ll be stranger still if mine ends up being bigger than a count’s.”


I turned down Millia and Selen’s suggestions of making the castle bigger.


<<Consume 300 village points and upgrade the large house into a palace? Yes*||No>>


The moment I chose yes, the large house began shaking. Not a moment later, it grew bigger.

What I expected was for the palace to stop getting bigger once the space that I reserved for it have been occupied. And it did, technically. For some reason though, it continued to grow taller and taller.


“Huh? It got bigger that way?”


Before long, what appeared was a building that could be called a skyscraper.


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