Chapter 167: It looks like this building’s got an elevator too

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I had upgraded my large house into a palace.

I had assumed that the large house would expand up to three times its original size, so I reserved space for it accordingly. This way, it would be as large as a baron or a governor’s estate.

Once it occupied that reserved space, I thought the expansion was over, but it still continued to grow taller and taller until it was like a skyscraper that towered over the other tall buildings in the area.

By my estimate, it was about 100 meters tall and probably had about 30 floors.


“Wow…but it can’t be larger than Castle Albert, can it?”


The plot of land that my palace occupied was definitely smaller than Castle Albert, but it was so much taller.

And thanks to being taller, it gave the impression that it was the bigger of the two. It looked more imposing too.


Moreover, my palace had white, shiny outer walls; ornate designs here and there; and just prettier exterior. That being said, it should be mentioned that Castle Albert was built more for defense than anything else, so it wasn’t really fair to compare the two like that.

The royal castle on the other hand…nah, better not even think about it.


“Amazing as always, Luke-sama! Your magnificent castle’s comparable even to the royal palace!”


Millia! And after I tried so hard not to imagine it!


“Can you add a vast courtyard to the surroundings? And then maybe enclose it all within some ramparts. I don’t know what it looks like inside your castle, but as it stands, it’s a little vulnerable.”

“But that’ll also make it harder for me to convince myself into thinking the castle’s just alright.”


After turning down Selen’s suggestion, we decided to check the palace’s interior.

The entrance was spacious enough that it could probably hold a small gathering. A large part of the first floor didn’t have a ceiling, thus forming an atrium with the second floor. Two staircases that were symmetrical to one another connected the two floors.


“It looks like this building’s got an elevator too.”

“An elevator? What’s that?”

“I’ve never of that either.”

“Oh, you two haven’t used an elevator?”


Of course, there weren’t any elevators anywhere else in this world, but here in the village, our hotels, office buildings, and hospital all had elevators.

In hindsight, considering the height of this palace, an elevator was pretty much necessary.


On the side of the elevator door was a panel with two buttons: one for up and one for down.

The fact that there was a ‘down’ button here in the first floor made it seem like there was at least one underground level.

For now though, I pressed the up button.


“Who opened the door? Did it open by itself!?”

“Is this some kind of magic tool?”

“Ahm, to use an elevator, you first press either the up or down button there, depending on where you’re going. Then, when the door opens, you get inside this room and press a button again, this time specifying what floor you want to go to. After a moment, the doors will close and the elevator will take you there.”


I explained so to the Millia and Selen.

When I checked the set of buttons, I saw that it was for the basement floor up to the 30th floor.

Yeah, it’ll take some time just to check each floor.



After looking around the inside of the palace, I was now more generally familiar with its layout.


Each room in the lower floors were a bit small, suggesting to me that it could be a place to stay for the officials and the guards working within the palace

The middle floors seemed a lot like an office building’s interior, so I assumed it was office space for civil service employees and the like.

The higher floors had many spacious rooms. Some seemed to be used for holding assemblies or perhaps as a lord’s audience room.

Further up were floors that were also for residential use, only the rooms here were so much bigger. There were also spaces here that had kitchens, probably implying that they were to be turned into restaurants that would make the daily life of the lord and their top-ranking officials even more enjoyable.


But for the very top floor, it was a single, luxurious suite. This suite was comparable to even my previous residence which was a [Large House]. It goes without saying that the interior design and the furnishings themselves were utterly superb.

The suite also had a terrace that protruded out as though it was suspended in the air. And in there were a pool and an open-air bath. As amazing as those were though, what overwhelmed us more was the view from there.


“Amazing! You can see the whole village from here!”

“What a wonderful view.”


At present, this palace was the tallest building in the entire village, so an unobstructed view of the whole village was more than possible.

When I looked down though, I noticed the villagers who were dumbfounded while they looked up to this skyscraper that appeared all of a sudden.


“Ahm…I guess this is where we’re going to stay starting today?”

“Yup, of course…?”

“Where else would we?”


This was a residence fit for a king. Yet, I was but a mere village chief…


“The king won’t get mad at us for this, will he?”


TL note: more of a disclaimer, but in the raws, left and right symbols were used for the up and down button. I have no idea why.

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