Chapter 165: You were like a wild beast back then

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The unprecedented childbirth boom in the village was still ongoing.

Considering the number of people immigrating to the city at the moment, this boom was likely to continue for some more time.

So, to somewhat deal with that, I decided to use 1000 village points to build a hospital.


<<Hospital: A medical care facility where patients can stay for further treatment. Abates the patients’ pain. Improves self-healing. Improves the effect of medical treatment.>>


Ordinary illnesses and injuries could be instantly treated through the use of potions, so we could afford to have majority of the hospital be used for maternity-related care. Given that this move would further help lessen the illnesses and pain associated with childbirth, the pregnant women were sure to be pleased.

Nurseries would be next thing we’d need, probably.


“V-v-v-v-village chief! You’ve got to hear this!”


On a certain day, Baal, a former bandit grunt, rushed toward me.

Being a former bandit, he was imprisoned in the village’s jailhouse. His stay there was longer than most though. Regardless, he was now working as one of the village’s guards.

He was deemed not a danger to others, but that perversion of his that baffled even granny still remained.

‘I’m not doing anything wrong! Just let me do what I want do!’, he protested.


“What is it? What with the hurry?”

“I-it’s the old bat! Granny Nema…!”

“What’s with Granny?”


Nema was the old lady whose recommended occupation was to be a torturer.

There were now other villagers older than her, but she was the oldest when we first started.


Given Baal’s flustered state, I worried that something might have happened to Granny.

She was healthy for her age, but the fact remains that she was old, especially for this world.


Just when the anxiety was about to overwhelm me, Baal continued.


“The old bat, she’s…she’s pregnant!!!”

“…………excuse me?”


For a good moment there, I didn’t comprehend what Baal just said.

After all, Granny was over 60 years old. Even with the help of the technology in my previous life, conceiving at such an age was difficult if not impossible.

Yet, what’s more surprising to me was…


“…hey, Baal…maybe it really was a mistake to let you out…”


“That’s quite an unforgiveable act, you know…I can’t believe you would do that to Granny…”

“Wait, wait, no! It’s not me! Why are you so convinced it was me!? Just so you know, the one to impregnate her was her husband!!”

“Oh, I see…wait, isn’t her husband almost 70 or something?”

“That surprised me as well! How can he even get it up at that age! And for Granny of all people!”

“You don’t have to say it so bluntly!”


And so, along with Baal, I went to see Granny in the apartment unit that she and her husband was living in.


“Granny, I’ve heard you were pregnant, but surely––”

“She is!”

“Ah, hello there, Gramps.”


In an overly excited voice, Gramps greeted us like so.

Behind him was Granny.


“Why, it’s the village chief. Aren’t you busy? You didn’t have to come all the way here.”

“Wait, you’re really pregnant?”

“Apparently. I did think something strange was happening to my body, but never would I have though it was because I was pregnant. I didn’t believe it myself until my stomach got big.”


By the way, the couple already had and raised three children.

Those children had grown up and left home. At the moment, they were not in the village.


“Hey, Gramps, how’d you do it? How’d you make Granny pregnant, I mean.”

“Hey, Baal…”


This guy really lacked tact.


“Have you heard of the hotel in the underground district of the village? Well, I begged Granny to go there and we did it after a long, long time since the last one…I also drank the elves’ Erection potion. It surprised me how effective it was. We ended up doing it five times because of that.”

“Goodness, you were like a wild beast back then, dear.”


…later on, elderly couples who heard of Granny and Gramp’s story also tried conceiving.


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