Chapter 87

I have a small rant.

So, I wanted to mount my monitor in an arm mount so that I can easily rotate the monitor and use portrait mode. That way, I can read a manga page without scrolling down, among other things of course.

I then found out that my cheap samsung monitor’s default stand was screwed from the inside, and that the only way to attach the mounting peripheral on the monitor’s back was to pry it open.

I can’t believe this stupid design. If they moved the holes slightly higher, this wouldn’t have been an issue because I can live with the small part of the stand still attached. That or maybe don’t screw it from the inside!

Given my luck at life in general, of course I damaged the monitor. It now has a thick black line. To be clear, I take responsibility for breaking it. I’m sure a more careful person would have done it without issue. That said, there shouldn’t have been that risk in the first place.

I hope their other models don’t have this issue, but I for one am avoiding their brand when it comes to monitors from now on, no matter how cheap theirs might be.

Thanks for listening!