Volume 10 Epilogue


Hello everyone! Well, here we are, the last chapter of the first part. It’s been an incredible journey. Thank you for being patient with me. Oh, man. I don’t want to be emotional here, so I’d just share something random. I decided this was the one to translate way back then because I thought this will not be a loli-centered story. I mean, Marcho was the first girl introduced, and first girls are typically the main girls, right? How naive I was.

Well, my plans from now on would be to translate the next part. I just want to see what it’s all about first. Then, after a chapter of that, I’d like to take a week off, if you guys don’t mind.

I’d also like to pick up another series to translate on the side to shake things up every once in a while. Anyway, here’s the latest and last chapter!