Chapter 8

Somebody asked in previous post, so I just want to share my plans. I have every intention of finishing this novel. After that, there is a kind of sequel to this (I haven’t read enough of it to form an opinion) that I will pick up, but don’t know yet if I’ll finish. If it’s at least mediocre, I think I will, but who knows. After that, whatever might happen, I’ll translate a bonus chapter from the LNs. I’ll post a poll maybe on my patreon by then to know which bonus chapter I’ll do. After that, well, I want to continue, but I don’t know which work I’ll translate.

TL;DR I’ll continue translating. Thank you for your support.


Anyway, here’s an image from Volume 8 Chapter 13: Fafnir, the Demon Lord’s Casino


LNvol8 (13)