Hello! Another Volume done! We’re closer to the end now! There are some TL notes at the end of the chapter, mostly just my guesses on the references mentioned. If you think they’re wrong, feel free to tell me.

From one epilogue to another, I present to you today’s featured illustration

LNvol7 (11)

Volume 7 Epilogue: The Song of Happiness

Unless I’ve missed one, this is the last image for Volume 7. And checking online, I see that Volume 8 released just this month! Bookwalker link.

Wow. They’re really catching up on me. I wish I can say I’ll work faster, but sorry, I already am working as much as I could. If Volume 9 releases while I’m in the middle of it, I’ll still use the web novel version and only look at the Light novel version when are issues like typographical errors. The web novel version is just easier for copy+paste+googling words and phrases I am not familiar with. I am still a noob after all.


Lastly, I should add that Volume 8’s title is The Inherited Will