Chapter 9


Hey guys! I just want to address something. It’s about the repeated description of things like the characters’ abilities and features. In my opinion, those are necessary redundancies. Remember, not all chapters are released at the same time. Only one every few days, in fact. And not everyone has the luxury to read the available chapters all at once for whatever reason. People forget details. Those redundancies are only present the first time they are mentioned in a new volume. If that description/explanation is given again, then shoot me a message, I’ll edit it out. TL;DR That’s how it’s supposed to be!!!

Sorry for the rant. To offset this, I have two images for you. They’re actually just one, but I don’t know how to put them together in a manner I like. It needs some redrawing, you see. Minimal, sure, but it needs it still. Oh, and the images are very slightly NSFW. Consider yourself warned. I’ll still put spaces though, just in case. So, scroll down below, please.
































































































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