Chapter 11


LNvol5 (11)

From Volume 5 Chapter 17: A Perfect Demon Lord and A Naive Demon Lord


Hi guys! I’m back! Thanks for being very, very patient with me. The previous weeks have been truly trying. Let me give an update on my misfortune. I bit the bullet and applied for the internet connection with limited download volume. It’s this or wait on the previous company.

Regarding the TV, the repairman said the parts needed aren’t available, so we decided to go buy a new one. On the PC thing, it turns out it’s just the hdmi connection of my monitor. I’m currently using it via the vga port.

So, a few expenses later, I’m back to square one. At the very least, it looks like it’s the end of this streak of bad luck. Well, hopefully. Wait, did I just raise a flag???

Anyway, thanks again for your patience with me.