Chapter 11


I have two notes but it doesn’t concern the translation itself so you can read the chapter without any worries.


The first one is to remind everyone not to spoil anything. If you say that you have read ahead, whether what you say is true or not, I will be inclined to delete it. So, if you must, at least make it seem like you’re just predicting things.


Next is about me misremembering which medals were used for Rorono. I thought it was Earth, Person, and then Creation instead of Alchemy. So if I made a comment saying he can make a Creation imitation medal, no he can’t, at least not at the moment since he hasn’t used Creation itself in synthesis(since it changes and the one it changes to is the one registered). So the ones he can make an imitation medal of are: Flame, Person, Beast, Earth, Wind, Alchemy, Planet, Dragon, and Hero. I digressed but sorry if I I gave you wrong information in the comments.