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The envoys from the neighboring city had come and gone. I had endured their visit without any major incident. With that over, I began my earnest preparation for a war.

Three days had passed since the envoys left but we still haven’t heard anything from the other party.

In war, what mattered most were intelligence and numbers, both of which I had committed myself to obtain.


Intelligence was the analysis of the opponent’s fighting force and their usage of it. Through the [Common Knowledge] given to me upon my birth, I understood that beings called heroes and champions could match or even defeat A rank monsters. However, I didn’t know how many of those beings a human city could deploy. Ten? A hundred? Or maybe a thousand? My strategy would change completely depending on that information.

My inexperienced self was unable to make a clear judgement. Due to that, I had sent out a letter to Marcho, my parent, expressing my desire to talk with her about my present situation. I intended to go to her dungeon as soon as I hear back from her.


Next, numbers.

Certainly, my monsters were outrageously strong. However, they were also certainly few. If the enemy decided to simultaneously attack from all directions, there would no doubt be gaps in our defenses.

So for that reason, I wanted to increase our numbers even if only by a little.


Our numbers was the main reason I wanted to buy time.

Due to the increase of the number of humans currently living in Avalon, the founding of the brothels, gambling houses, and other such facilities that intensified the swing of emotions, I was earning about 2,000 DP a day, give or take.


It was almost equivalent to being able to buy two B rank monsters daily. As for the B rank monsters I could buy, there was the Mythological Fox that was unlocked when I created Kuina the Celestial Fox, the Dwarf Smith when I made Rorono, and the High Elves when I synthesized Aura.

Additionally, when Wight was reborn to be a Siegwurm, I was able to buy the Graphross(グラフロス), the darkness dragon.

Each and every one of these monsters were strong and had their own merits.


Moreover, Rorono could make a Mithril Golem that was as strong as a B rank monster once per day. Meanwhile, the four Dwarf Smiths could each make a C-rank-equivalent Silver or Gold Golem daily.


So, supposing I could earn a month’s time of peace, I would, in total, have 90 B-rank-equivalent units and 120 C-rank-equivalent units added to my fighting force. Also, if a month did pass, I would then have another [Creation] medal and be able to make a new S rank monster with that medal.

As time passess, the odds of victory in this potential war was leaning more and more in my favor. It was due to this that I was willing to endure the humiliation and bow my head to those soldiers.


“But just winning isn’t enough. I have to win completely.”


The greatest worry I have next to having my crystal broken was having our city—which would have to stay above ground—destroyed. Even if the buildings and infrastructures could be repaired, the same couldn’t be said of the humans.

When that happens, it’s all over. I would no longer be able to feed on human emotions and thus also no longer able to acquire DP.

Considering that, I should take the fight outside of the city…


“But then that would be a waste”


I was in a dilemma.

Taking the fighting outside of the city was the optimal choice but I would not get any emotions or DP even if my monsters killed all of the humans. This was due to the fact that the only ways to obtain DP outside of one’s dungeon was by killing an enemy yourself or being part of a party with a maximum of ten members.

That would render almost all of the potential DP to be wasted. And so, a war where I wouldn’t be able take home the hard-earned DP and human emotions was something I wanted to avoid.


On the other hand, I couldn’t simply relocate the city by swapping floors since unlike during wars with my fellow Demon Lords, time didn’t stop for the humans. So if I did swap the dungeon floors, the city would certainly be exposed.


While thinking I have to think of some other way, I headed to Rorono’s workshop.

Recently, she had completely stopped her production of the Mithril Golems. Additionally, almost all of the golems she made previously had disappeared from the city and were replaced by the Gold and Silver Golems made by the Dwarf Smiths.


The Mithril Golems were extremely valuable members of our fighting force even with their numbers reduced by the last [War].


“I don’t think that girl’s the kind to skip on her duties though….”


I highly valued Rorono’s diligence. For her to disregard her duty, my orders, there must be a serious reason, I thought.

Moreover, she hadn’t returned to our house recently. As her Demon LordFather, it was my duty to know her circumstances.


“It’s Procell. I’m coming in.”


I announced myself so and entered her workshop.

The Dwarf Smiths were busy forging the mass-production type swords and repairing the equipment of the adventurers.


By Rorono’s request, I had increased the Dwarf Smith’s count from two to four but even that seemed lacking.

...I should add some more, huh.

They were an essential part of my fighting force. I saw no particular reason to hesitate in adding some more.


“Is Rorono here?”


In response to my question, a silver-haired, brown-skinned girl came to answer. It was Wight’s adjutant.


“Procell-sama, welcome and thank you for gracing us. The mistress1 is inside the laboratory. Ah, that’s right. Ahm, Procell-sama, if you don’t terribly mind, may I ask that you bring something to the mistress?”


Rorono was referred to by the Dwarf Smiths as their mistress since she thoroughly but also kindly imparted to them techniques regarding their craft. It certainly fitted her.


“A bread and apple?”

“Yes, it’s her meal. In the past five days, the mistress have shut herself in the laboratory. Not once had she come out, not even for her meals. We’ve been strictly instructed to not go in there which worries us even more. But if it’s Procell-sama, I thought she wouldn’t mind being given this meal. So, please, Procell-sama, give it to her.”


I wryly smiled.

As I expected, Rorono wasn’t skipping on her duties. Rather, she was working on something. Something that she still haven’t completed after completely secluding herself for the past five days.

I was looking forward to what that something was.




1The word used here is お師匠 (oshishou) which means a master or teacher. Just to distinguish titles, I chose mistress.