Yay! Happy New Year!!! And to celebrate, here’s the newest chapter.

I’d also like to remind everyone that the light novel version of Maou-sama no machi dzukuri is now available. I’ve already purchased mine over at bookwalker as an e-book although you can also get your copy at amazon. I believe a simple google translate on those pages would be enough to guide you through.

There seems to be two additional or extra chapters in the light novel. I don’t think they affect the main story much. In fact, I daresay that the plot stays mostly the same for the first volume. The changes I’ve noticed upon my skimming are mostly minor like Stolas’s hair color (it’s now violet!) and the use of the gun’s real names. Regarding the extra chapters, I think I won’t be translating them until I’ve caught up with the web novel raws.

It also seems their going for “The Devil is making city” as the novel’s Engrish title. So I think I’ll now be using The Demon Lord’s building a city.


Also, I’ll be releasing the illustrations bit by bit as an attempt to make you guys want to buy a copy for yourself. The image this time is from the extra chapter which is now the prologue though it’s more of a preview (and spoilery at that).

And now, thanks to thediabolicalgenius’s insight, I have now changed [Star] to [Planet]. The raw uses 【星】 which oftentimes means star but could also mean any light-emitting or reflecting celestial body. This realization might also affect one of Elder Dwarf’s skill or the way the Creator addressess the Demon Lords but I won’t be editing them yet. I’ll procratinate on them until they are next mentioned XD.