Chapter 18


There are two lines in the chapter that I am highly unsure about. I guess it makes sense but since only two lines are provided about it, we’ll have to wait to be sure if my interpretation is correct.


Another reminder is about the names of the guns and pretty much anything else that has a real world equivalent; they’re altered in the novel.

4 responses to “18

  1. Thanks for the chapter! About the lines you aren’t sure about what was it written in kanji, hiragana or katakana? About “sleeping soldier” and “mustard” maybe the sleeping is refering an undead type monster?(can’t remember if the author used any unique name), I’m assuming it because of mustard and the room is perfectly sealed? 90% or more chance that it is mustard gas if you take account that Procell made the dungeon pratically a long straight narrow hall, and considering the enemy demon lord being of wind atribute and how she ridiculed the skelletons she shouldn’t have undead type monsters?

    The mustard gas( if it really is) should be pretty effective against living more “normal” type of monsters( not undead, slimes,golems, etc). That and also as the author is heavily using military weapons, is a pretty strong indicative that it is.

    Sorry if there are any(or a lot) of grammatical errors, english is not my main language.


    • The line goes:  そして、”マスタード”に”眠れる兵士”。

      So, katakana for mustard. I think, for now, we should just take not that Procell brought a weapon besides the assault rifles and bmg.


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