Over before it even started

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m someone who is practicing Japanese by reading web novels, or in other words, a rookie translator. For my first project however, I just found out that Maou-sama no machi-dzukuri! has already been picked up by somebody else before I did. In my defense, I wanted to work on at least chapters to make sure that it’s a project worth doing before I made a post. It doesn’t matter now though. I at least want to share what I have finished so here is the prologue up to the fifth chapter.

If you’re interested in the continuation of this translation, go here.  I’ll go look for another story to translate in the meantime.

6 responses to “Over before it even started

  1. Have you tried contacted procrastranslation to see if they’re translating the work seriously or if they are not really finding the time for it and might give it up?
    From what I can see they translated four chapters quickly last month and then went quiet at the beginning of september. It’d be a shame if you just gave up with checking to see if you can help with the translation.


    • I’ve left a comment on their page, and will probably email them after this. I’m kinda still figuring out what to say to them, without looking like an asshole anyway.


      • I don’t think you need to worry too much. So long as you’re clear about that you were translating for practise, didn’t realise anyone else was planning to do it and put it online because you didn’t want to just trash it and have no intention of trying to steal the project from them, then it should be fine.
        Clashes can happen when someone decides the translation of a project is going too slow for their tastes and starts releasing their own chapters without caring how the people originally working on it feel. But that’s not the situation here.
        I was just wondering anyway, so thanks for replying.


  2. Hello, thanks for the chapters so far^^

    You don’t have to give up right now.
    20 days have passed without news from them. If even after a few days you still have not received a response, i guess you could continue and when they do come back, figure everything out then.
    You could also propose a collaboration and try to work with them, 2 translators are better than one after all xD
    The one with a lighter schedule will continue while the other one will translate a few chapters ahead and release when the other catches up.
    You could also alternate, like, you release 2-3 chapters this week and the next it will be them.


      • Oh, thanks for that. As you may have noticed from the bare design of the site, I’m quite new at all this.

        Anyway… I think I’ll let the other party decide on what my involvement will be on this. I’m eager but not eager enough to demand anything. I’ll look for other projects in the meantime.


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