Chapter 9: If you turn the red one, hot water will come out

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For some reason, there was a tense atmosphere between Millia and Selen.

When night came, another argument among them arose.


“You two have been sleeping in a room this small…?”

“Yes. Is something the matter?”

“Don’t is something the matter me. No matter how you look at it, this is not normal.”


With a powerful voice, Selen reprimanded us.

In our defense though, we were forced to share the shed because it was the only one we had.


“If you find this so unacceptable, we won’t force you to sleep here. Feel free to sleep outside.”

“Why would I do that!?”

“Y-you two, let’s just try to get along–”

““Luke(sama), (please) stay out of this!””



If I could, I would have built another shed right away.

Unfortunately, because I built a storehouse earlier in order to demonstrate my Gift to Selen, I didn’t have enough points anymore.


“Ah, that’s it. I’ll just go sleep in the storehouse.”


Proud of my idea, I quickly tried to put it into action.


“Absolutely not, Luke-sama. You’re the chief of this village, after all.”

“Right. If anyone has to sleep there, it’s this girl.”

“Oh my. Are you saying you want to be alone here with Luke-sama? What scandalous girl you are.”

“That’s not what I said! And don’t act like you’re innocent yourself!”


In the end, it was decided that all three of us would sleep in this tiny shed.

In addition, I was told I had to sleep between the two of them.


“…I can’t sleep…”


Luke’s Village

Village Level: 1

Village Points: 54 (+12 village points per day)

Number of Villagers: 2

Village Gifts: None


“Alright, I finally have 50 points!”


I made the village around dusk, so the time I gained additional points was around dusk of each day as well.

And so, at the rate of 12 points each day, I finally saved up 50 points. Using this, I could escape that hell tonight.

Ever since Selen came to the village, I had to sleep between the two who were always bickering with one another. Obviously, I couldn’t sleep much under such circumstances, resulting in a decline not only to my productivity but also health.

Now that I had 50 points though, I could finally build the small house I wanted so much. I had no idea how big it was going to be, but at least I was certain that it would be bigger than our current shelter.


<<50 village points will be consumed to build a small house. Proceed? *{Yes}||{No}>>

“Yes, yes please!”


After I confirmed yes, a one-story wooden house appeared before me.


“Woah. What, there’s even furniture!? Amazing!”


It was about double the size of the shed we were using.

However, unlike that empty shed, this house had a bed, a desk, a shelf, and other furnishings.


“What’s this area?”

<<This is the kitchen.>>

“Kitchen? But then, what’s this?”

<<A faucet. If you turn the blue one, regular water will come out. But if you turn the red one, the faucet will release hot water instead.>>

“Huh? Like this?”


When I tested it out, it released water as explained.


“Can this be some kind of magical device? I don’t sense any magic power at all though…”


Selen said so as she tilted her head.

We then found something else of note.


<<By pushing the knob and then turning it, fire will be produced.>>

“It seems like we can light fires with this. Let’s try it.”

“It really does…what’s going on?”

“Your Gift’s really amazing, Luke-sama. We were able to cook outside, but with this thing, cooking meals should become so much easier.”


Millia said so with a somewhat excited voice.


“What about this door? Huh? What are these…?”


When we opened the door, we found a small room.

A little bit in, we saw something that looked like a chair. And further inside the room, there was something that resembled a large water tank.


<<This is a unit bathroom.>>

“A unit bathroom?”

<<The toilet and the bath are combined in this single room.>>

“So you’re saying that this is the chamber pot, and that is the bath…?”


It certainly didn’t seem like an ordinary chair, but apparently the chamber pot was just covered by a lid.

Without the cover, it looked like a large bowl where a small amount of water pooled at the bottom. The edge seemed like the place to place one’s bottom. There was also a small hole in the part where the water pooled.


<<This is a flush toilet.>>

“A flush toilet…? How is it used?”

<<One sits down and relieves themselves. After that, one simply drains the water, along with the waste, by turning the handle there.>>


When I tried to turn the said handle, more water flowed down, seemingly replacing the one that was there before.


“In the castle, lower-ranked servants are the ones tasked on disposing of the gathered waste…”


But now, there was no longer a need for any of us to do that job.

That said, I wondered where the waste would go.

I had heard of other territories whose lavatories made use of slimes. Slimes would absorb anything, even human waste, so they were helpful in keeping things clean. This device didn’t seem to make use of those slimes though. Well, for now, what matters is that it works. Figuring out the how can come in later.


And so, I moved on to the bath.

It had a faucet like the one in the kitchen. In other words, we could wash our bodies easily with this.


“How convenient. We can bathe here without using the well outside.”

“…it seems so. (tsk. But this also means I can no longer peep on Luke-sama as he washes his body outside!)”


Selen had an expression of joy, but for some reason, Millia expressed frustration.


“And now that we have two beds, we can have separate places to sleep for the men and the women.”



I proudly announced so, but the two didn’t seem to share my joy.

As though to clear my confusion on why they were silent, Millia spoke first, quickly followed by Selen.


“Sleeping alone with this woman is quite impossible for me.”

“Me too!”


Forcing the two of them, who were at odds with each other all the time, to sleep alone with each other certainly wasn’t a great idea.

However, it also would be quite strange for me to sleep beside only one of them, no matter which one. The only reason Millia and I did so before was because we only had that shed.


“I-I understand. Then, I guess all three of us will just have to sleep in this house.”


We should have enough space, so I thought maybe I could sleep on the floor or something.


“Wait, why are all 3 of us on the bed!?”


Somehow, it was decided that, like before, I would sleep in the bed between the two girls.

Because of that and because of the fact that the bed was smaller than the floor of the shed, we were now even closer to each other than we were before.


“Luke-sama, we can’t let you sleep anywhere else other than this bed.”

“I wouldn’t mind sleeping on the floor, except I absolutely refuse to let this woman sleep beside you by herself.”

“How unexpected, I also can’t let you sleep beside Luke-sama by yourself. Given that, it seems the only solution left is for all of us to sleep here.”



I don’t understand that logic at all!


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17 thoughts on “Chapter 9: If you turn the red one, hot water will come out”

  1. Anonymous said:

    They could just push the two beds together to make one bigger one…

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  2. Millia is such a raging pervert.

    While Luke IS interested in girls, he’s stuck with two of the worst kind of examples here.

    The clingy tsundere and the raging pervert,both of whom would likely kill him if he slept with the other girl first.

    His “denseness” is a self-defense mechanism.

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    • foofoo3344 said:

      I am convinced that the maid is a reincarnation of Pedobearess (female version of Pedobear)


    • Dinkytinky said:

      I mean I certainly don’t disagree that the tropes are obnoxious, but you could say that the maid at least has a bit of a pass. I mean her dedication to her ideals is somewhat admirable considering she didn’t flake under the circumstances. Little miss princess I’m not so sure about, but she has the positive of not being a terrible perv.
      Eh whatever, I’ve turned my brain off for this one, if you can’t stand it don’t read it.

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  3. Not a fan of this developement. I mean the modern technology and all that. There won’t be any challenge and the real excitement of kingdom/city building I guess.

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  4. Modern technology confirmed

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    I feel like the next chapter will foreshadow the next event or not

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  5. dragoonofinfinity said:

    Is he really that young or just the top tier on the density scale of main characters?


    • Mychael Dark said:

      I think he’s only about 10 or so. I’d be more surprised if he was interested in girls at this point.


    • Natan Nael said:

      I think it’s normal, after all he is still around 10 years old. And myself at that age have only thought of playing around and nothing like love has ever come to my mind at that age.


    • He’s 12.
      And 12 years olds have way more of sexual awareness than this guy. Specially if they’re sleeping with girls in the same bed every night. Unlike this guy, their first problem wouldn’t be the two girls’ bickering in bed.
      But well, for some reason it’s always like this with Japanese stories.


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