Chapter 10: They’re Probably Refugees

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Almost a month has passed since we arrived at this undeveloped land.

Thanks to my [Village Building], we’ve been living more comfortably than I expected.

Even now, the relationship between Millia and Selen hasn’t improved…but other than that, things were going well.


Back when I still lived in my family’s estate, I spent each day studying for the future. As such, this was probably the first time in life where I passed the days in a leisurely manner.

It isn’t so bad, I thought as I began enjoying my life here in this undeveloped land.


As for the crops we planted in the field, they were growing at a good rate. Actually, according to Millia, they were growing so much faster than normal that we might be able to harvest them soon.


By the way, we now had four fields.

There was nothing else that we needed to build at the moment and letting the points be unused felt a bit of a waste, so we decided to add more fields. It was something we were bound to do at some point anyway. Moreover, there was a chance that some crops wouldn’t grow at all out here or during this season, so to be safe, we tried out a bunch of seeds. Thankfully, Millia brought a lot of seeds.

However, at this rate, we might be harvesting more than what the three of us could possibly eat before the rest goes bad.


“Well, we can preserve them by storing them in the storehouse where my magic is in effect.”

“I see. Magic sure is convenient, isn’t it?”

“Fufu, aren’t you glad I’m here? I mean, let’s not forget, it was me that got us those precious meat.”


Selen proudly said so while looking at Millia.

Recently, she went into the forest in the distance and managed to hunt a wild boar. Given her abilities and Gifts, hunting alone was no problem at all, provided of course that she didn’t enter the deepest parts of such a dangerous place.


“Since we’re making sure we don’t forget things, who was it that, unlike some muscle-brained idiot, was able to dismantle the boar as well as cook its meat?”


Millia calmly replied so.




Unfortunately, Selen’s cooking abilities were…not great.

She once tried to challenge Millia’s cooking skills, but the food she made smelled so awful, we couldn’t eat even a bite of it.


“…now, now, let’s not fight.”


While sighing, I stepped in between the two.

I myself doubted I could stop them, so my voice lacked conviction.


However, at that moment, as though Selen noticed something, she quickly turned toward the west.


“What’s the matter, Selen?”

“You don’t hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“I’ll check from the watchtower.”


And so, Selen agilely climbed the tower.

I climbed after her.

Is it another monster attack?

If so, this would be the first attack since the group of goblins that Selen defeated.


When I reached the top of the watchtower, Selen pointed at an area beyond the wall that surrounded the village.


“Look. People.”

“You’re right.”


Looking at us with a mix of wonder and caution was a group of about 50 people.

It seemed like they already noticed Selen and me in the watchtower.

They were talking among themselves, but they were too far away for me to hear anything at all.

I couldn’t see any weapons on them, so there should be a low chance of them suddenly invading our village.


“They don’t appear to be dangerous. Majority of them are women and children, unarmed at that…the clothes they’re wearing seem tattered, and they all looked exhausted. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re refugees.”


Like Selen said, about 40 out of the 50 people were women and children.

In these times, it wasn’t rare at all for people to lose their homes to natural disasters or battles.


“I heard there was a big battle recently, so they might be from somewhere near there.”

“Oh no, there are some of them that looks like they’re gonna fall any moment now…there’s no way we can leave them alone.”


This village aside, no water or food could be easily obtained in this wasteland, especially for a group that large. It probably wouldn’t take long before all of them would die of starvation or thirst if nothing was done.

And so, I climbed down from the watchtower and hurried to their side.

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