Chapter 5: …*sniff*…*sniff*…

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Luke’s Village

Village Level: 1

Village Points available: 10 (11 points gained per day)     

Number of Villagers: 1

Village Gift: None


“So, I now officially have one villager. Plus, the points I earn each day rose a little.”


It would seem that because the number of villagers rose, the number of points I gained increased as well.


“I doubt I’d have more villagers though…”

“Fufufu, I don’t think it being just the two of us is so bad.”




But now, I didn’t have enough points left to build anything.

I would have to wait a day at least.


Afterwards, Millia prepared some food. By the time we finished eating, it had become dark.

Unlike back in our capital, there was hardly any source of light here. It was mostly just the light of the moon and the stars.

Because we could do nothing in the dark, we decided to stay within the shed that my Gift built.


We made a little hole in the wall so that a little light would shine in, but it was still pitch dark inside.

As such, we had to fumble in the dark until we managed to cover ourselves with a blanket and lie down side by side.


Still, to think my [Gift] can do all these.

I initially thought why of all Gifts was this the one I got. But now that I was beginning to have a clue of what it could do, it might not be so bad.

As I mentioned, I had a dislike for fighting. Instead of a world where everyone fought and killed each other for land and resources, I would much rather live in a world where everyone was peacefully co-existed with each other. I had thought so ever since I was a little kid. And this place where I could build a small village would be my chance at such a life.

It might not be grand, but at least it would be peaceful.


I was so focused on thinking such things that I failed to notice something: the person next to me was making some strange sounds…


“*huff…puff…huff…puff…* (gufufu, to be able to sniff Luke-sama’s scent so closely and for the whole night, is this what heaven is like!?)”


…I wasn’t sure what it was, but something told me that it was better to ignore it.


The next morning, I was awoken by the sunlight that poured in through the hole we made.

As for Millia, her eyes were closed as she held me tightly.


“…hmm, yeah, I should build another shed.”

“Don’t. Isn’t this one enough?”

“You’re awake!?”

 “Yes. It’s expected of a maid to wake up earlier than her master.”

“Then, why didn’t you get up already?”

“(So that I could enjoy your adorable sleeping face and embrace your soft body for as long as I could, of course!)”


There were times that I felt like Millia was hiding something.

But then again, everyone had secrets.


“Be that as it may, you’re no longer a maid. There’s no need for you to force yourself to wake up early.”

“Yes, but now I’m a villager and you’re the village’s leader; it’s only proper that I do certain things to show my respect.”


Is that how it is?

I had never lived in a village, so I didn’t really know.


“Oh, I have 21 points now.”

“Congratulations, Luke-sama. You can build a field now, can’t you?”


A day has passed, so I earned some village points.

And as Millia insisted multiple times, I decided to build a field.


<<20 Village Points will be consumed to build a field. Proceed? *{Yes}||{No}>>


A similar message from before appeared in my vision.

When I chose {Yes}, an area in front of the shed instantly became a tilled field.


“This…Luke-sama, this earth, it’s extremely amazing! We’ll surely be able to grow great crops with this field!”


While excitedly exclaiming so, Millia began planting the seeds we brought along.

…she was formerly a maid, but she was planting with incredible speed and grace. Does she have experience in farming?


“Ahh, I’ll help too!”

“Luke-sama, such work isn’t–”

“Please don’t treat me like I’m still the heir of a lord. This is my village, so it’s my responsibility. I want to do as much as I can to make it grow.”

“…very well. I appreciate the help then.”


The field was about 50 meters both in length and width.

Millia was expertly teaching me how to plant the seeds, but even so, it should take the two of us quite a bit of time to finish.

And this was just the planting. If we were to start all the way from preparing the field, it would have definitely taken us a considerably longer time.

Up until recently, eating meals were a matter of course for me, but now, I was beginning to understand just how much hard work the farmers behind the scenes were undertaking.

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