Chapter 4: Make Her a Villager?

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“That’s, that’s amazing, Luke-sama! You’ve built a shed in the blink of an eye!”


While we were in front of the shed that appeared out of nowhere, Millia praised me so.


“Food, clothing, and shelter, these are said to be essentials to human life. And now, we don’t have to worry about one of those.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not like I did anything myself. It’s my Gift…”

“*Ohh, my and Luke-sama’s very own love nest…gufufufu…*”



Because I built the shed, I only had 30 village points left.


“Should I build another shed? Or will a field or water well be better? Since each of those items cost 20 points, I can only build one for today.”

“Wait, you can build things other than a shed?”



When she understood my little problem, Millia quickly shouted.


“Then, why not build a well!”

“Hm? But isn’t this place too small for two people to sleep in? Yeah, I guess I should build another shed.”

“Don’t! Yes, this place is small, but it’s enough! Rather than improve our dwelling situation, we should prioritize securing a water source! It’s said that us humans won’t die easily from starvation, but even a few days without water can result in death!”

“O,okay…? Then, I guess I’ll build a water well…”


Pressured by Millia’s eagerness, I chose to build a well.

I still thought we had enough water for about a few days though.


“*That was close…but with this, my nights Luke-sama are secured…gufufufu…*”


While giving a sidelong glance at Millia—who seemed for some reason relieved about something—I interacted with my Gift.


<<20 village points will be consumed to build a water well.>>


Just like before, it happened in an instant. The next thing I knew, there was a circular well made of joined-together stones right where I wanted it to be.


“Wait, this cover won’t come off though.”


We tried removing the cover of the well but to no avail. It was possible that the cover was actually part of the well itself.

As such, I decided to put that aside and investigate another unfamiliar part of the well.


“Hmm, what could this be? Woah!?”


When I pushed the thing that looked a handle, water suddenly poured out through a pipe.

In my surprise, I hurriedly returned the handle to its initial position. When I did though, the water stopped.


“Is this how it’s used?”

“It’s quite convenient, isn’t it? Just drawing water out of a well is such a laborious task. In fact, back in the castle, it’s mostly left to manual labor slaves.”


In the first place, being able to secure a water source was a success already.

Especially in this wasteland.

If we didn’t have this well, we would have had to wait for rain and gather as much as we could. And that was assuming that there would be rain. Much like what Millia said, we were in real danger of dying due to thirst.


At any rate, I now only had 10 points left. There wasn’t anything I could build with just 10 points even if I wanted to, so I was forced to wait at least a day.


“It looks like I gain 10 points per day, so maybe I should build that other shed tomorrow. What do you think, Millia?”

“No! Let’s build a field next! Yes, we absolutely must build a field! It takes time to grow the seeds we brought and even more time to harvest them, so the sooner we start, the better!”

“O,Okay…let’s do that…then…”


Pressured by Millia’s threatening gaze, I had little choice but to nod.

But then, words suddenly appeared in my vision. They hovered right below Millia’s face.


<<Make her a villager?>>

“Eh? I can make her a villager?”

<<Yes. If the person themselves consent to it, it’s possible to make them a villager.>>


Which reminded me, when I looked earlier, it said that my village had 0 villagers.

It might be like that because I couldn’t be considered as a villager.


“Ahm, Millia…”

“Of course, I’ll accept, Luke-sama. Please, let me be a villager.”


Millia had correctly guessed what I was trying to say and even answered it.


“Are you sure though?”

“Luke-sama, let me repeat what I said before: no matter what happens, wherever you may go, I’ll be by your side. If what you choose to do is stay here and build a village, then I’ll do my best to help you make that happen.”


Millia’s resolve was unwavering.


“Thank you, Millia.”

<<Millia is now a villager.>>


Like that, Millia became my very first villager.

Alongside that, I made a little promise to myself. That I would use this mysterious Gift of mine to develop this wasteland and develop a prosperous enough village.


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