Chapter 285: He’s been sitting alone and staring at the sea for an awful long time recently, you know

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Thanks to the cold storage facility, we managed to freeze the giant shark. 

However, there was a chance that it was only frozen at the surface level. So, just to be safe, I decided to have the cold storage facility continue being set at the same temperature for a little while longer, at least until I was convinced that even its insides was completely frozen. 


“Can this shark be eaten, I wonder?” 

“If it can be, there’ll be plenty to go around since it’s so big.” 

“Among the fish monsters that could be caught in the village’s dungeon, quite a few of them are tasty, you know. I sure hope this one’s not just edible, but tasty as well.” 


Just like always, whenever they defeat a new monster, their first concern was whether or not it was edible. 


“Anyway, the krakens should return to their old spot now, right?” 


Our objective accomplished, we returned to the beach. 

On our way back, we wanted to throw away the kraken corpses to the sea, but the old man stopped us. 


“It’s a waste to throw all that away!” 

“But they don’t taste good, do they?” 

“Maybe, but they’re still food. Just smoke them and they should be edible enough. So, if you’re just going to throw them anyway, please hand them to me instead.” 


Due to the fishermen being unable to fish in the sea, there has been an ongoing food shortage in the area. 

Now that we had taken down the shark monster—the root cause of the kraken problem—though, the fishermen would soon be back in the sea. That was good and all, but people needed to something to eat in the meantime. The krakens we had obtained should greatly help in that regard.  


And so, we decided to hand over the krakens. 

By the way, even the old man had no idea whether the giant shark monster was edible or not, so we decided to take it to the village to find out. 

The old man didn’t know because he has never tried one before, which made sense since normal people wouldn’t have been able to cut through the extremely tough and thick scales of that giant shark monster in order to cook it. And that was assuming they somehow managed to find the body of one.  


“That over there is the port, right?” 


After flying the park eastward for a bit, we found a port city. 

Several boats were being moored there, but because none of them could sail to fish, there was almost no life in the port. 


At any rate, I tried to find a space where I could land the park. I soon found out there was no space that was large enough. As such, I decided to just keep the landmass floating above the sea. 

After that, I stretched out a bridge toward the port. 


“What, what is that…? An island is descending from the sky!?” 

“It has perched itself in the opening of the port…does it not want us to ever fish again…?” 

“Hiiii! Someone, someone’s coming! Run! Everybody run!” 


…the few people near the port panicked. 


“They’re awfully scared…” 

“You have gotten used to this and think nothing of it, but that there is the normal reaction to this, you know.” 


The old man then shouted to the people in the port. 


“Oi! Everyone, it’s me! You don’t have to worry! These people aren’t dangerous!” 



Apparently, the old man’s name was Bazal. 

With a gleam in his eyes, the old man addressed the crowd. 


“Do not fear! If anything, rejoice! Thanks to them, we should be able to go back to fishing real soon!” 

“What do you mean…?” 

“Has the stress of not being able to fish driven Bazal mad…?” 

“Wouldn’t surprise me. He’s been sitting alone and staring at the sea for an awful long time recently, you know.” 


I expected some to not believe the old man, but I didn’t think everyone would be… 


“W-we have proof! The monster that has caused the krakens to swim so close to the shore is inside that building!” 


“You can’t expect us to just believe that, right? If you’re going to claim something like that, you better show it to us.” 


Like that, we led them across the bridge and onto the park floating in the sea. 


“It’s being kept cold in this cold storage facility.” 


When we opened the doors to the facility, an intense chill rushed toward us and quickly lowered the temperature of the air in the area. 


“It’s suddenly winter again!?” 

“Even our underground storehouse can’t get this cold!” 


Before long, the people who were surprised by the cold noticed the giant shark monster in the cold storage facility. 


“““What the hell is thattttttt!?”””” 


For some reason, the old man had a smug look on his face. 


“See!? It’s just like what I told you, right!? That monstrosity over there has been causing havoc under the sea, causing the krakens to move to our parts of the sea! But now that this bastard has been defeated, the sea should return to normal and we should be able to fish again!” 


Why are you talking like you’re the one who took it down? 


“Just how did you…?” 

“It’s not some illusion, is it…?” 


The crowd groaned in disbelief and then showered the old man with questions. 


“That’s not all! Take a look over here!” 

“Are those, are all of those krakens!?” 


When the old man took them to the other cold storage facility where we were keeping the krakens, the people of the port city were once again shocked. 

Meanwhile, the old man looked triumphant. 


“These people caught all these krakens, but thanks to my great negotiation skills, I’ve convinced them to give all of these to us!” 

“For real!?” 

“Bazal! We were so wrong to have ever doubted you!” 

“You’re the best!” 

“““Bazal! Bazal! Bazal! Bazal! Bazal! Bazal! Bazal! Bazal!””” 


When his name was chanted like that, the old man laughed so proudly. 


“It’s all good as long as you know it was thanks to me! Hahahaha!” 






“…for someone who didn’t do much, he’s getting quite carried away, isn’t he?” 


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  1. Yanto Sonata said:

    “These people caught all these krakens, but thanks to my great negotiation skills, I’ve convinced them to give all of these to us!”

    mc & the party :excuse me?


  2. Bazal, not Basil?


  3. Thank you!

    … and that’s how Bazal became a hero under the guidance of Luke-sama. (From the further redacted version of Luke’s gospel.)


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