Chapter 284: It’s still writhing wildly!

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“““Make a fishing rod…?””” 

“Yup. I think we’re gonna need one to land that shark.” 



Everyone altogether inclined their heads, but rather than explain it, I thought it would be better to just do it. 

In preparation, I built a bridge. 


<<Bridge: a bridge made of reinforced concrete. Highly durable. Has an anti-degradation feature. It’s possible to choose the bridge’s shape and form.>> 


A bridge, after all, was strong and kind of resembled a fishing rod if a bit of imagination was applied.  


I built an arching bridge at the edge of the park and extended it toward the sea for about an overall length of 20 meters. Through Facility Customization, I made it as flat as possible. 

It now looked completely like a fishing rod, albeit one that wasn’t flexible at all. 

I also used Facility Upgrade to further increase the bridge’s durability. 


“Now, to bend the sea-end of the bridge…” 


I made it resemble a hook. Once we place a kraken there to act as bait, it would be complete. 

What about the fishing line, you might ask. Well, let’s not worry about trivial details of an analogy. 


“Just to be sure, I’ll make the park float a little bit higher.” 


The park was currently at sea level, but I decided to make it float to about 20 meters higher than the water’s surface. 

Meanwhile, I used 3D Reposition to lower the fishing rod—now with the kraken—into the water. 


“It’s here!” 


After a little while of waiting, we saw the outline of a shark monster once again rise up from the bottom of the sea. 

With frightening strength, it almost dragged the fishing rod below the water’s surface, but I took that as nothing more than a sign that the hook has successfully lodged into the monster’s mouth. Without a moment’s delay, I resolutely used 3D Reposition and turned the tables. 




The shark monster was accustomed to dragging krakens down the water, but I bet a situation like this—where it was the one being dragged up—was a first for it. 

It was desperately flailing about in the air, but it wasn’t like I was gonna give it a chance to escape. I used Facility Customization again and made the hook end lodge itself deeper into the monster’s mouth. 


“Did, did you really managed to land that gigantic shark!?” 


When I dropped the shark on the park, the old man fell to the ground on his behind due to his excitement. 


“It’s still writhing wildly!” 


In its struggling, the giant shark bounced up and down repeatedly. Each time it trashed around, it shook the entire park. 

I used Facility Customization on the ground in order to restrain the giant shark, but upon a simple swipe of its tail fin, what I built was crushed right away. It would seem that a structure made of earth wasn’t enough. 


“Its scales…! It’s so hard my arrows can’t pierce it!” 

“My punches aren’t effective either!” 


Philia-san and Gori-chan shouted so. 

Wait, Gori-chan, it’s dangerous to get that close now! 





Gori-chan was blown away until she fell to the sea. I sent a body double to get her back. 


Still, if even Gori-chan didn’t stand a chance in close combat, perhaps none of us could.   


“In that case, I’ll freeze it!” 


Selen said so and then began using her magic on the giant shark. However, the shark’s size alone guaranteed that it would take a while before it was completely frozen. 


“Can we really do nothing but wait for it to weaken…? But the fishing rod’s already threatening to break…” 


The question on our minds was: would the shark fall first or would the rod break before that? 

The hook being removed was concern too, of course. 


“Ahh, I got it! Let’s use a cold storage facility to make it freeze faster!” 


I shouted so as I dragged the shark toward a new cold storage facility I built. Once I threw it in there, I set the temperature inside to be as low as it could be which was 50 degrees below freezing point. 

Not even the coldest of seas could be that cold deep below the surface. 


The shark also thrashed about within the cold facility at first, but soon enough, its movements began slowing down.  

And before long, the shark became frozen. 

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