Chapter 282: Exercising in the sea is the best

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“We’ve fished a lot, haven’t we?”


There was now a pile of kraken corpses in the center of the park.

Of course, with that comes a strong fishy smell. To be honest, if I wasn’t pinching my nose, I probably would have vomited long ago.


“For now, let’s put them into a Cold Storage Facility.”


<<Cold Storage Facility: a facility for keeping the temperature of things like food low, and thus preserving them. It’s possible to adjust the temperature.>>


Our tactic that employed using my body doubles as bait was very effective.

We had landed and defeated krakens one after the other until we had the pile before us.


“But why are there so many of them here in the first place? According to the old man we met earlier, the krakens originally lived far from the shore, right?”

“If we don’t determine the cause, there is a good chance that they will just increase in number again soon.”


It was exactly as Millia said.


“Luke, can we go further into the open sea?”

“Yeah. Let’s try going as far as we can.”


Because of its increased levels, my village has greatly expanded its maximum area. Even with all that though, we were unsurprisingly nearing the edge of the whole village.

For now, the plan was to continue until we were at the very boundary.


“Oh, but it would be better to ask the old man which parts of the sea the krakens live in, right?”


And so, I teleported to the beach.

Upon seeing me suddenly appear, the old man squealed ‘gyaa!?’.

Before he could finish his scream though, I teleported back with him to the park in the middle of the sea.


“W-w-where is this!?”

“We’re in the sea. Over there is the land you were in earlier.”

“What the heck is happening!?”


We explained things to the completely bewildered old man.


“To determine the cause, you’re going to kraken-infested waters!?”

“Yup, that’s it. And we were hoping you could tell us where that is exactly.”

“S-sure, but a-are you right in the head…? Any sailor would know to steer clear of those waters! It’s just common sense, you know!?”

“We’d be fine. Unlike a ship, this ground won’t capsize. And if something unforeseen happens…”


I said so as I made the park rise up.


“We can distance ourselves from the water like this.”

“…I knew it, I’m dreaming, after all.”



    ◇ ◇ ◇



The old man thus guided us to the kraken-infested waters.

Everyone seemed to be relaxed and enjoying our sea travel.


“Swimming was fun, but this isn’t quite bad too! Ahh, I can see a turtle swimming over there!”

“The salty wind feels nice, isn’t it? Luke-sama, would like you to drink something?”

“Geez, I missed another. As expected, shooting fish under the water isn’t an easy feat.”


Selen was excited to discover turtles.

Millia was lying down at a beach chair while drinking juice and watching the sea.

And Philia-san was shooting the fish in the sea with her bow.


As for Gori-chan, she started some strength-training after saying ‘exercising in the sea is the best’.

Meanwhile, Belrith-san and the other hunters watched her with envy, saying things like ‘your muscles are impressive as always’.


“We’re about to enter kraken territory, so why do you people look so calm…”


The old man said so, surprised by how we were acting.


“We’re more or less there, so, want me to return you to the beach?”

“…no, I want to see this through with you all. I’m curious about what’s causing all this, yes, but more than that, I don’t feel right having you people take care of everything. That said, I don’t know what I can do to help.”


After the old man decided to stay, we continued advancing some more.

And then, the weather suddenly looked ominous and the waves began getting larger.


“We’re about to enter kraken territory, alright. As you can see, the sea around this place is turbulent. So much so that even if the krakens weren’t here, everyone would still steer clear of it.”


The violent waters surging towards us looked like they would have made me seasick, but fortunately, it had no effect on the floating park.


“…! Kraken!”


At that time, Selius-kun shouted so.

Following his line of sight, I saw the silhouette of something that definitely seemed like a kraken.


“……there’s something strange about it…”


Aside from being moved by the violent waves, the silhouette remained mostly in place.

Once we got near it, we immediately understood why.


“It’s dead.”


Selen stated so.


“Rather than say it’s a kraken’s corpse, it looks like it’s just a portion of it. It’s like something has bitten off the rest.”


In accordance to what Gori-chan said, bitemarks could be seen in the remains.


“Watch out, everyone. There’s something in the bottom of the sea.”


Philia-san warned us so.

Almost immediately after, we saw a figure of something large rapidly rising up from the bottom.


“Everyone, step back!”


The instant Gori-chan shouted so, a frighteningly gigantic creature jumped to the surface of the water and made a big splash.

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