Chapter 281: By the way, are krakens delicious?

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“So, how are we going to find the krakens?”

“Now that you mention it…”


We were currently on the park that was flying along the surface of the water. It was only when Selen pointed it out that I realized that there was a chance where we might not even encounter any kraken.

After all, the sea was vast and the krakens tended to lurk deep underwater.


“Fufufu, there’s no need to worry about that.”

“You have some kind of plan, Gori-chan?”

“Yup, it’s this.”


Gori-chan replied so and then suddenly jumped from the park into the water.

Or so I thought.

When I ran toward the edge she jumped off of, I saw her clinging to the park. The lower half of her body was submerged.


“Krakens rarely get the chance to enjoy land creatures. So, if I do this, the krakens should be able to sense me and come.”


In other words, Gori-chan was acting as bait.

It didn’t take long for it to work too.


“Aahhn! It came! ♡”


She shouted so in a coquettish way as a large tentacle wrapped around her body.


Considering the encounter we had earlier and the fact that it hasn’t even been a minute since she got in the water, I thought there must really be a lot of krakens lurking under the sea…that or the krakens just find Gori-chan that irresistible.

Whatever the case might be, they surely wouldn’t have expected their would-be food to take them down easily.


“Here, I, go!!”


Along with her booming war cry, her muscles swelled even more.

And then, while the kraken’s tentacle was still wrapped around her, she exited the water and pulled herself up onto the park.

She was basically a human fishing pole.



“Oh, you don’t get to escape me that easily!”


Before it could be fully pulled to the ground, the kraken immediately let go of its hold on Gori-chan and tried to get back into the water. Gori-chan didn’t allow it to get away though; she grabbed hold of that tentacle and began dragging the gigantic kraken with all her strength.




However, with all its strength as well, the kraken was holding on to the edge of the park.


“My, it can keep up with me! What power!”

“Gori-chan, leave the rest to me.”


I shouted so while tapping on the kraken’s tentacle.




I moved us to the center of the park.




Suddenly finding itself far from the water, the kraken panicked.


“You’re so amazing, Chief-chan!”




Everyone then launched an offensive against the monster.

Now that it was out of its element, the kraken was as good as done.


“That’s another one down! …by the way, are krakens delicious?”

“““I was wondering about that too!”””


Just like always, the hunters were a gluttonous bunch.


“Sorry, but krakens don’t taste too good.”

“““I see…”””


Upon learning that, their motivation visibly plummeted.


“From what we heard, there should be a lot more of them, right? But if we continue with this method, we’ll be making Gori-chan do a lot of work….”


It wasn’t like we had anyone who could substitute for her.


“Oh my, are you concerned for me? You’re really so kind, Chief-chan ♡”

“Ah, I got it!”


When I thought up of something, I shouted so and clapped my hands together.


“We can use my body doubles!”



    ◇ ◇ ◇




With life preservers around their waists, my body doubles floated in the sea.

We had also tied a rope around their bodies, so there was no worry about them floating too far away.


By employing my body doubles, we could have many baits at once. Moreover, because they could use teleportation, it would be simple for them to land the krakens once the monsters latch on to them.


……I feel like they’re looking at me resentfully though…no, I should just ignore it…


“I know they’re just your body doubles, but their stares are kind of unsettling, isn’t it…?”

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