Chapter 260: I think we can get there in 3 hours

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After walking, just walking, at an incredible speed, we were able to arrive in the fortress city in no time at all.


“What’s, what’s with this road…? It was almost like my body was as light as a feather…”


As shocking as that was, it wasn’t the only thing to shock me.

The city itself was full of wonders. The moment I stepped foot in it, I immediately noticed how sublimely clean it was. There wasn’t a single piece of trash or any vagrants at all as far as I could tell.

The people walking around and even the clothes they wore seemed very clean as well.

It almost didn’t seem like this was a kingdom suffering from civil wars.


Duke Talister, the ruling lord here, must be very capable.

Although that shouldn’t be a surprise given that he built such a gigantic wall and also easily repelled our invading army. Despite their kingdom being in turmoil, he still governed over his territory properly and even managed to prepare to defend against a foreign power.


Thankfully, that lord didn’t refuse to give us an audience.

Of course, that didn’t mean they were happy by the presence of those who tried to invade their kingdom just a few days prior. Even so, this was miles better than being turned away or captured right away.


“So, what’s the reason you’re here?”

“Duke Talister…! I’d like to start with an apology. On behalf of the Barste kingdom, I deeply apologize for the recent deployment of our troops…”


I bowed deeply and then unhesitatingly apologized.

I also informed the duke that we no longer had any intention of invading again. Thanks to the gigantic wall, even the most aggressive among us have gone completely silent.

But it wasn’t really them that we worried about. Rather, what we were worried about was the Celtia kingdom coming to attack us in retaliation.


We had grossly underestimated the Celtia kingdom’s war potential, and now, we were quivering at their next move.

For that reason, even if we had to pay some reparation, we would gladly do it to mend our relationship with our neighbors.


With a scowl on his face, Duke Talister listened to me. He then gently nodded.


“Hmm, I see. I understand the Barste kingdom’s intention…for what it’s worth, I have no intention to risk the lives of my people for something like retaliation.”



I started to get excited by the duke’s statement. Unfortunately, there was a ‘but’


“But it’s not up to me. In case you didn’t know, our kingdom is being reborn as a true monarchy again. Whatever the king intends to do, I will follow. As for what that is, I do not know yet.”


Apparently, their kingdom’s infighting has been resolved, and the weakened royal family was even regaining its power.


“Would you like to have an audience with his majesty? I can arrange one for you.”

“T-that’ll be much appreciated.”


Like that, we were set to travel to their kingdom’s royal capital.


“I think we can get there in 3 hours.”



What the heck is he saying, I thought.

The city we were in was located in the southern tip of their kingdom. The distance between this place and their royal capital was immense. It should take us at least a few days’ worth of travel even for just a one-way trip.


“You don’t seem to be aware of our railways. I thought your spies would have informed you of this by now. But then again, our ‘Great Wall’ must have made delivering that information quite hard! Hahahaha!”


As though he has gotten into a good mood, Duke Talister said so and then laughed heartily.

I tilted my head trying to figure out what this Reylway could be. When I turned around to look at the other members of our group, they reacted the same way.


“Well then, follow me.”


We were guided by the duke himself. We followed him somewhere underneath the castle.

We have been informed that there was something in the underground that could transport us over long distances in only a short amount of time. To say that such a thing was far-fetched would be an understatement. Thanks to that, I couldn’t help but think that it was all a ruse to bring us to a cell instead.


Soon enough, we arrived at a place that had so much space, it was hard to believe it was all underground.


“That there is a railway. By simply riding that boxlike thing called a train, you can travel even to the capital.”


I was wary that the boxlike object was just a jail cell with an unusual appearance, but then the duke himself stepped first into it. As such, we decided to follow.

The inside of it was large and filled with many things that resembled chairs.


“This are…so soft, aren’t they? Quite nice seats, I must say…”


At that moment though, I suddenly heard a Phsew sound, causing me to be on guard. Next, the door we used to enter closed on its own.


“Well then, let’s depart!”


The duke declared so excitedly.


“I-i-i-it’s moving!?!?”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 260: I think we can get there in 3 hours”

  1. I found this whole chapter hilarious… it’s the exact same as all the other chapters, but having a Duke flexing on some foreign dignatary about what Luke did is frikken funny to me, specially the whole “It’s now a true monarchy” when in reality The king haves no real power whatsoever, it’s all them acting as Luke wants them to (be nice)


  2. Thank you!

    I wonder how fast they’ll learn the expression: “Ah, it’s just the village chief.”

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  3. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    I afraid these guys will be the next victim of Axis sec- i meant Luke religion soon.


  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    Prepare yourself heathen. You shall now be swallowed by the great beast Train and be reborn as a loyal adherent of Luke-ism. ALL HAIL LUKE SAMA


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