Chapter 259: The report was true

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“Ahh, what a wonderful church!!”


Upon seeing the newly built church, or rather, cathedral, Millia shouted out her amazement.


“And, just like always, he built it so quickly. You’re just so amazing, Luke-sama!”


The cathedral wasn’t just huge.


In addition to the exterior’s beautiful design, its walls were covered with intricate decorations and engravings. Whether from afar or up close, whoever views the exterior was sure to be overcome with emotions.

It in itself was a marvelous piece of art.


Of course, it wasn’t just the outside that was beautiful; the interior was splendid as well.

One of the first things to notice inside was the arched ceiling that was on top of a long hallway. It was so tall, one had to tilt their heads just to get a good look at it.

The walls of the hallway were also noteworthy. Both sides were filled with beautiful, gigantic stained-glass windows, each one offering vivid colored images.

And beyond that hallway was a vast, open space. Rows of benches were in there, as well as a large altar further in. Additionally, there was a large statue of a god behind the said altar. This open space was supposedly where the service was done. It could probably hold about 1,000 worshippers at once.


While the faint sunlight that seeped through the windows gave a mystical atmosphere, Millia slowly walked close to the altar. She then looked up toward the idol of a god and said something with an unusually stern face.


“This statue, I want to reshape it in the likeness of Luke-sama so that we can use worship him through it. I’ll let the dwarves know at once.”


Without a fear for the gods in her voice, Millia said such a thing.



      ◇ ◇ ◇



My name is Gullio.

I am employed by a high-ranking official of the Baraste kingdom. And right now, I was tasked with delivering a message to the Celtia kingdom.


There was no guarantee that I would make it back alive from this mission. After all, this was the first interaction between our kingdoms since our kingdom tried and failed to invade theirs just a few days ago.

Should I make any wrong move, it was possible that I would be executed then and there. Needless to say, it was absolutely necessary that I proceed with the utmost caution.


After traveling for a while, I reached the border between our kingdoms. What I saw there made my jaw drop.


“T-the…the report was true…?”


Before me was a giant wall that stretched seemingly endlessly along the horizon.

It was like the border that separated our kingdoms was made tangible. Seeing it now, it was no wonder our 50,000-strong army had little choice but to accept defeat and turn back without even so much as a fight.


One other thing about this giant wall was that it wasn’t here just a while ago.


“According to General Tesla, it rose up from the ground right before their eyes…b-but surely, that can’t be the case, right?”


General Tesla was the general in charge of the aforementioned invasion. He was one of, if not the greatest commanders within our kingdom’s military. Moreover, he wasn’t the kind to lie about something like this. Even so, when I received the report about the wall, I couldn’t help but dismiss it as crazy talk.


“At any rate, what matters for now is getting through that wall…but will they even let me?”


I quickly found out that my worries were unnecessary.

Us being unarmed might have led them to immediately perceive us as just messengers. Regardless though, we were guided to a small side entrance by the soldiers that were standing guard.

Walking through the narrow passageway that led to the other side of the wall made me understand just how thick the giant wall was.

Also, the passageway was only wide enough to fit one person at a time. In other words, a large army wouldn’t be able to pass through quickly even if they had access to it.


While being wary of the Celtia kingdom’s soldiers, we proceeded to head toward the fortress city where Duke Talister, the ruler of this area, was presently.

To my surprise, even though there was quite a distance between the wall and the city, there were splendid roads that fully connected the two points. There were so many roads, in fact. Maybe it was so that they could respond sooner in case there was an emergency, but from a cost-effectiveness perspective, it felt awfully wasteful…but then again, if they could build such an imposing wall, this many roads might not have been any trouble at all for them.


While thinking of such things, I walked on one of the roads.


“…huh? Did I, did I just walk a few meters in an instant!?”

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  1. Last chapter he got an OP copy and paste skill yet its glossed over :/
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