Chapter 244: And I’ll castrate you right away

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We lock up the two bosses until we were ready to pass judgment on them. As for the others, the decision was to let them go. Both bosses had a great deal of influence over their respective gangs, so we thought we thought it was unlikely that we would suffer another attack.


A few days later, Lili-san was ready to declare to the bosses their punishment.


“Let’s start with the doglike beastmen….as long as you’re the boss, if our group is ever put in danger, your group is to come to our aid, no questions asked.”

“…are you sure that’s good enough?”

“Yeah. Not like you can compensate us any other way, anyway.”

“But…you don’t have any guarantee that we’ll keep our word.”

“Sure, but no matter how I look at you, you don’t seem to be the type to break your promises easily. Unlike Gaga over there. But, well, we do need a guarantee…”


Lili-san said so and then winked at me. With that cue, I stepped forward.


“Ahm, Bull-san, right? I’ll be going to your settlement and make a field where you can grow crops easily.”


“Surely, that’ll help with your food situation, right?”

“A-are you sure you’re willing to do this…? I mean, we tried to kidnap you…”


From what I understood from all the interrogation we’ve done so far, the reason they cooperated with the male catlike beastmen was apparently so that they could kidnap me and make me solve their dire food crisis.


“About that. You really didn’t have to kidnap me, you know. If you had just asked, I would have come and helped your settlement…”



I could make something like a field in an instant, after all.


“But now, I’m going to have to ask you to keep your promise with the female cat beastmen. If you break your word, I’ll take it all away.”

“…I see. Then, you can be sure that we’ll do everything in our power to keep that promise.”


Moving on, Lili-san turned her attention to the boss of the male cat beastmen.

It was already decided that I will also go to their settlement, but before we go through that, Lili-san required something from them.


“Gaga, step down from being the boss.”

“Ha? W-wait a minute!? Why just me!? You didn’t ask that from the dogs!”

“Fine, castration it is…”

“I’m stepping down right this moment!!”


Lili-san took out a blade and informed Gaga so in a serious tone. In response, Gaga immediately yielded.

Additionally, Lili-san was the one to choose who the replacement was going to be.


“I choose Dada to be your next boss. My little brother is a reasonable guy, unlike you who’s nothing but a musclehead. He’s strong too. He might still be young, but he should be up to the task of being boss.”

“Ghh, him, huh…”

“I should make it clear that you are to support your new boss fully. If I hear that you’re rising against him, just like with the dogs, we’ll take away your fields—”

“I get it, I get it…”

“—and I’ll castrate you right away.”

“I’ll do anything you want, just please, don’t!”



    ◇ ◇ ◇



“Alright, I’ll be making the fields now.”


I had come to the doglike beastmen’s settlement.

Unlike the catlike beastmen, their men and women lived together here.


Another difference with the catlike beastmen was that they apparently had the same partners each time the breeding season comes. According to what I heard, they paired up with another from a young age and basically spent the rest of their lives in a relationship with that other person.


“A field really just…”

“There are some seeds here. I’ll leave it up to guys to plant and grow them. In 3 days’ time, the crops should be ready for harvest.”

“In just 3 days!?”


Bull-san, the doglike beastmen’s boss, was shocked.


“As a bonus, I’ll be building a bathhouse and some toilets later.”


I called it a bonus, but since I did the same for the female catlike beastmen’s settlement, this was rather standard by now.

And just like back there, this settlement also has some sanitary issues.


After I was done with making stuff for the doglike beastmen’s settlement, I headed toward the male catlike beastmen’s home.


“I’ve heard about you. I’m Dada, the new boss.”


Coming to greet me was a tall and slender lad.

He was supposedly Lili-san’s younger brother, but his demeanor was very soft and he also gave the impression that he was very smart.

And despite being blood-related, they apparently haven’t interacted much. But then again, Dada-san was made to move here when he turned 3 years of age, so the sense of being a family just wasn’t there to begin with, it would seem.


Just like before, I also planned to build bathhouses and toilets here.




To that end, I surveyed the settlement. While I was doing so, I couldn’t help but notice that there were more and more men looking my way.

I thought that it was the usual case of being curious about the mysterious buildings that appeared out of nowhere, but…


“What a cute girl…”

“She’s human, but…she’s not that bad, ain’t she…”



Wa-wait a minute…they can’t possibly be starting to get in heat, can they!?

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  1. Time skip. Somehow against all the laws of nature, Luke’s clone gives birth to a litter of kittens.. He has no idea who the father is though.

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