Chapter 243: Does it really hurt if that gets bitten off?

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“Haaa, haaa, haaaa…shit…the hell’s going on…”


The boss of male catlike beastmen said so as he panted and slumped to the ground.


“I-is this some kind of magic…?”


He had repeatedly tried to attack me, but each time, I simply teleported behind him.

Thanks to that, he reached his limit and was all out of breath.


“The fight should have finished by now, I think. Alrighty, let’s go.”

“!? Again!?”


I teleported again behind, but this time, I placed my hand on his back. Like that, I teleported the two of us aboveground.


“Wait, this is…”


Just as I predicted, the fighting aboveground has concluded.

The majority of the joint forces seemed to have sensed their defeat and escaped. As such, only the wounded and those that were captured remained.

Among them was the doglike beastmen’s boss.


“Gaga! And Luke!?”


Lili-san rushed toward us when she noticed us.


“You! Distance yourself from Luke or else!”

“W-wait! I don’t want to fight anymore!”


No longer wanting to fight, Gaga immediately raised both his hands as a sign of his surrender.



    ◇ ◇ ◇



“Now then, what should we do with these idiots?”


Lili-san asked so as she scowled at the tied-up beastmen sitting on the floor, the bosses among them.

We were somewhere a little bit away from the women’s settlement.


“Maybe we should start with biting off your things? See this?”



Lili-san threatened them by saying so and showing her fangs. In reaction, the men—perhaps imagining the pain—turned ghastly pale.

…to be honest, I too felt uncomfortable at that moment.


“Hey, hey, does it really hurt if that gets bitten off?”


Lala-san asked so in an almost childlike manner.

Of course, it does!


“Now, now, wouldn’t that endanger the future of catlike beastmen?”


Before I knew it, I wound up helping the men out like that.

The female beastmen really did need the men in order to reproduce though.


“Tch, you have a point…I guess I’ll just have to settle with making an example of those who masterminded this whole thing.”



A few people who seemed to be the ringleaders shouted their desperate pleas while bowing their head almost to the ground.


“I was just doing what the boss said! I even tried to stop him at first, I swear!”

“Oi, quit the nonsense!! You were so hyped from the beginning! I-in fact, I didn’t even want to do this, but you see, the aggressive bunch were just making so much noise, this was all I could do to hold them back…”


The male catlike beastmen pleaded like that. Meanwhile, the doglike beastmen’s boss stoically declared something.


“…I have no excuse. The one who decided to help them as well as the one to persuade my gang was none other than me. All fault falls to me. Do with me what you please. However, I ask that you show leniency in your judgment on the others.”

“N-no, it’s not your fault alone, boss! We agreed to it, so we’re at fault too!”


…how do I put this? The doglike and catlike beastmen are so different, huh.


“Wow, our men sure look pathetic compared to them…”


Lili-san said so with a look of disdain toward the male catlike beastmen.


“F-fucking dogmen! You sly bastards!”

“Shut it, Gaga. Or do you want me castrate you here and now?”



At this rate, it really looks like he’s about to be castrated.

Well, you reap what you sow, I guess…I’ll leave it to Lili-san decide on their punishment.


“Many of them are wounded, so whatever their punishment might be, I think it’s better to treat them for now. Alright, everyone, I’m going to be handing out potions for you to drink. Oh, wait, you’re tied up.”


I saw no other choice but for me to pour the potion down into their mouths, starting from those who seemed more injured.

Some of them protested at first because they thought it might be some kind of dangerous drink, but when they saw its effects…


“All of their wounds vanished in an instant!?”

“That guy had a broken bone!”

“Give that to me right now!”


Having understood its effects, they immediately became more accepting of the potions.


“Lili-san, can I ask you guys to help me?”

“O-oh, yes, of course.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 243: Does it really hurt if that gets bitten off?”

  1. Thank you!

    Luke still goes at his own pace. There just being a battle and him not being in charge doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.


  2. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    I dont believe male cat beastmen but dog beastman folks are decent!


  3. It can heal broken bones. Let’s see if it can heal bitten off things. If it does the horror of the experience will make it so they never repeat offend again. Also it will probably make them impotent from the psychological scarring
    thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Thanks for the new chapter!


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