Chapter 242: Jump over the wall in one go

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“They’re here…! Everyone, engage them! Show them the might of women!”


Lili-san shouted her command to her gang.

However, deep inside, she was quite anxious. She was even sweating from her brows.


“Damn it…not just the men, but the dogs as well…will we be able to hold out…?”

“It’ll be fine.”

“!? Do you have a plan or something!?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it a plan…”

“Wah, their vanguard’s starting to advance! Are they going to step on their allies to get over the wall…”


Lala-san suddenly shouted so.

When I looked, some beastmen were about to step on the back of their allies who had stopped in front of the stone wall in order to jump over the wall in one go.


“Woah, incredible. Beastmen really do have impressive physical strength. …anyway, I guess I better make the wall a bit taller.”

“Ha? What are you…”


I used Facility Customization and made the stone wall stretch by about 2 meters.

Like that, the beastmen all of a sudden found their jump to not be enough to overcome the now-taller wall.


“T-the wall!?”

“It stretched!?”





Woah, that must have seriously hurt.

     ◇ ◇ ◇



After the wall stretched vertically, the vanguard who tried to jump over it has instead crashed into it.



“The wall grew taller!?”

“D-don’t be ridiculous! That’s impossible!”


Upon witnessing an unbelievable thing, the next wave of attackers involuntarily stopped in their tracks.

Meanwhile, the ones who went before them had fallen to the ground and had lost consciousness.



“What is it this time!?”

“S-stones! They’re throwing stones!”


While the invading beastmen were still confused, a large number of stones began descending on them.

When they turned their heads, they saw that the women had climbed at the top of the wall and were the ones throwing the stones one after the other.



“Damn it! Are you really stooping to this!?”



Beastmen seldomly did stone throwing as a means to fight, so the men were baffled by the women’s unexpected attack.

Nevertheless, the thrown stones were nothing to scoff at. The women were throwing them from a considerable height, further increasing its power. Multiple beastmen have been hit in the head and have fallen unconscious already.


 “Don’t falter! Attack them right now!!”


Gaga shouted such words of encouragement to his men.

Despite the shower of stones, a few men had actually managed to scale the wall and were in close combat with the women.

Thanks to that, there were less and less stones being thrown their way.


“Don’t let this chance go! Charge!”


When Gaga issued that command though…




“You’ve got to be kidding! When did—”


Screams suddenly erupted from behind Gaga. When he turned to looked, he was immediately at a loss for words.


“Why are they—”


The women had appeared behind the joint forces and attacked them. How the women got there, the joint forces had no idea at all.

And among the women there was Lili.


“Oraoraoraora! I’ll knock you all down!”


While shouting wildly like that, she fought furiously against one enemy after the other.


Like that, the joint forces found themselves sandwiched.

The women fighting on the wall also pushed the joint forces back, rendering the latter completely trapped like mice.


“Damn it, I don’t get this! This shouldn’t have been—wha!?”


While expressing his frustration like that, Gaga found himself suddenly floating in midair. To be more accurate, the ground beneath his feet had vanished all of a sudden.


“Gyaa!? Ghh, what’s, what’s going on here!?”


As for where he crashed down into, it was the floor a mysterious underground tunnel.

While bewildered by the series of unexplainable events that has been happening, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Hi, hello there.”

“!? W-who are…”


When he turned around, he saw a human girl.

The one they were targeting all along has unexpectedly made an appearance. Moreover, she was all alone.

If Gaga were to take her hostage, he thought he could turn the tables around. Without even taking longer than a moment to make his decision, he sprung at the girl.

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