Chapter 241: I’ll help you out

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“It’s an emergency, boss! The men! They’re attacking our settlement!”

“What did you say!?”


Upon being given such distressing news, Lili-san grimaced.


“Tch, that Gaga. I underestimated his stupidity…very well, let’s turn the tables on them.”


Apparently, the fighting capabilities of men and women were generally of the same level for the catlike beastmen.

Men might have more raw physical strength, but the women made up for it with their agility. There didn’t seem that much of a difference between their numbers as well. As such, the one defending should have the upper hand. In fact, that was the reason why Lili-san didn’t imagine that the other group would resort to such forceful means.


However, after climbing the observation tower I built and checking the enemies, Lili-san was shocked.


“Wha…no…it can’t be…the doglike beastmen!?”


The male catlike beastmen weren’t the only ones attacking, it would seem. For some reason, among them were doglike beastmen as well.

And now that the enemy side had more numbers, this battle could go either way.


“Gaga! What’s the meaning of all this!?”

“Kukuku, you only have yourself to blame, Lili! All because you didn’t agree to what I proposed!”

“Are you kidding me!? Who in their right mind would accept your one-sided demands!?”


The two bosses shouted at each other like that.

There was quite a distance between them, yet they could hear each other well enough. What fantastic hearing!


“If you surrender now and swear servitude to us, we’ll spare you the collar!”

“Oh, shut it! We’d never surrender to the likes of you!”

“Kuhaha! Are you really in a position to say that? Let’s see how long that stubbornness of yours will last against us and the doglike beastmen!”

“Tch…but why are the dogs helping them in the first place…”


I then asked the pale-faced Lala-san who was beside me something.


“Are you guys not on good terms with the doglike beastmen?”

“Nope, not at all. In fact, there have been many times where, instead of helping each other out in securing our loot, we have fought over them. Which begs the question of why…”


Apparently, the men asking for the doglike beastmen’s assistance was totally beyond anyone’s expectations.



     ◇ ◇ ◇



“Kukuku, just like we expected, that Lili’s so confused at what’s happening.”


Gaga said so while grinning widely.


“Thanks for the assist.”

“…more importantly, is what you told us really true?”

“Yeah, no doubt about it. Just look at their stone wall. It wasn’t like that before, you know. At least, not a few days ago. I bet ‘ya it’s the work of that human I told you about.”


The leader of the doglike beastmen was a keen-eyed man.

He was a large man, about as large as Gaga. Moreover, he was someone who inspired great loyalty from his subordinates.


“As long as you have that human, you’d be able to get as much food as you want. If you want proof, just look at the women’s plump bodies.”

“They certainly don’t look like people who are struggling with a famine, I’ll give you that.”

“And as we agreed upon, if you help us subdue the women, I’ll hand over that human to you.”

“…and you swear that?”

“Yeah, of course. And a man’s word his bond, right? Besides, we’ll have our hands full just disciplining the women; we won’t have anything left to spare to go to war against you, don’t you agree?”

“Hmp, I can never trust you cats, but just this once, I’ll help you out.”


The leader of the doglike beastmen snorted and then said so to Gaga.

Gaga could tell from the other leader’s definitely thinner body that the doglike beastmen were hit harder by the food shortage than them. In other words, the doglike beastmen were desperate. Desperate enough that they would have little choice but to get involved with the affairs of the catlike beastmen they disliked so much.


At any rate, the two leaders proceeded to issue an order to their respective gangs.





With such a war cry, the combined forces marched toward the settlement.

For a basically nomadic people, it was quite rare to see such impressive stone walls surround a group’s settlement. That said…


“Haa! It’s so easy to jump over a wall like this!”

“It might as well be made of earth!”



The catlike beastmen with higher physical capabilities jumped by used the back of their comrades as stepping stones.







The wall suddenly extended vertically, causing those who jumped to crash into it.

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