Chapter 240: The women are being more watchful now

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“We’re done here, right? Then, go back home.”


Lili-san said so in hopes of ending their conversation as soon as possible.

The other boss tried to resist though.


“Ghh…y-you just got lucky this time. The fact remains that pillaging is a risky task.”

“Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“…what do you mean?”

“I’m not under any obligation to tell you. Now, enough already and go back home! Or else, I’ll castrate you all here and now!”


Lili-san shouted so, forcing the three men to reluctantly leave.

After seeing them off, Lili-san breathed a sigh.


“Geez, who the heck blabbed that to them? Oi, you better keep your eyes peeled so that this doesn’t happen again.”

“““Yes, ma’am!”””


The women on standby nearby replied so heartily.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“What the hell is going on, boss? We’re having serious problems securing food, but they don’t seem like they’re having that at all.”

“Yeah, something’s strange, alright. On top of looking like they’re eating properly, their settlement’s become so clean too.”

“I feel like their skin, hair, and fur’s all somehow glossier now too. …thanks to that, I’m kinda turned on now.”

“……That Lili’s clearly hiding something.”


The male beastmen whose request was just rejected were hiding in a nearby rocky area and discussing among themselves.

The sun had already set and it was now dark out, but they still couldn’t head back to their own settlement.


“Isn’t she too late though?”

“She’s probably having a hard time slipping out because the women are being more watchful now.”


The one they were waiting for was their collaborator among the women.

Lili, the women’s boss, might be strongly opposed to the unification of their two groups, but that didn’t automatically mean that everyone shared that stance.

And among those women, there were those who supplied the men with information.


“Sorry I made you wait.”


“They were so vigilant, you know. It was hard for me to find the right timing.”


Like that, the collaborator shared the incredible things that has happened within the women’s settlement recently.


“Oi, you being serious right now?”

“I’m not kidding you one bit. Can’t blame you though. I was sure I was dreaming when I knew of those things.”

“A mysterious human girl, huh…it’s certainly hard to believe at first, but if we assume that it’s all true, it’ll explain a lot about the changes in the women’s settlement.”

“Thanks to her, our way of life has completely changed. We get to eat until we’re full every day, and we also get to clean our bodies. There’s no longer any need for us to risk our lives by going on raids.”



For the men who were feeling hunger even now, the thing they envied the most was the ability to get food with ease.


“Thanks for telling us.”

“Fufu, you’re welcome…and, Gaga? There’s the next breeding season, but…”


With an excited face, the collaborator leaned in close to Gaga, the men’s boss.

The reason she was going against her group’s rules and leaking information to the men was that, frankly, she was in love with Gaga.


“But if you’re up for it, we don’t have to wait that long. We can do it now as well.”


Typically, outside of their breeding season, beastmen didn’t really seek the company of the opposite sex. However, as to be expected, there were exceptions.

The collaborator was one of them.


But right after finishing her proposal, the collaborator grimaced and hurriedly distanced herself.


“A-ahh, on second thought, I think I better get back now. It’ll be a problem if they check inside my tent, you know.”


The collaborator suddenly became aloof and told Gaga so. And without even waiting for a reply, she began to head back. It was almost as if she was escaping from them.




Despite finding that to be odd, the men simply continued talking among themselves.


“Well then, what should we do now? Based on what we’ve been told, it seems like it’s now impossible for Lili to agree with us anytime soon.”

“Yeah, we’re done playing nice.”

“What do you…mean?”

“Kuku, we’re gonna bring them to heel. I’ve got a good idea for that. That human girl might be worth the trouble she has caused us.”


Like that, the men have decided to use force.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


Have they always smelled like that and I only noticed now…?


After separating from Gaga and his group, the collaborator calmed down and thought so.

Likely due to her own body being clean now, she found Gaga’s strong body odor to be disturbing when she leaned in close to him.

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