Chapter 238: Just undress!

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“Eh? You want me to do some renovation to the bathhouse?”


I asked so, a bit confused by Lala-san’s proposal.


“That’s right. This is actually a request from the others, just letting you know. Besides, it’ll be simple for you to make some little repairs, right?”

“Yeah, sure…but can you at least tell me more details?”

“I think it’s better you see it yourself!”

“Is that so? At any rate, you should let the others know that the bathhouse would be close for the meantime.”

“No one can use it while you’re doing that? Is that really necessary?”

“Yup, it very much is!”


It was extremely troublesome to make changes to a facility while people were using it.

And so, we suspended the bathhouse’s operation the next day.


“So, where is the thing you want me to fix?”

“It’s further inside, in the baths.”


With Lala-san in the lead, we passed through the changing room and entered the bath proper.


The baths here were quite large.

The largest one here was comparable to the communal baths in a traditional Japanese inn. Maybe about 50 people at once could submerge themselves in it.


In addition to the indoor baths, there was also an outdoor one. The beastmen seemed to love the open-air bath as well.


“Take a look at that bath over there.”


When I tried to inspect a particular steaming bath…







Lala-san suddenly pushed me from behind, leading to me falling into the bath headfirst.


“Bwahh! W-what’d you do that for!?”

“Hahaha! I just wanted to get in the bath together with you!”

“Huh? Then all that talk about making some repairs…”

“Yup, that was a lie!”


Drenched like that, I glared at her intensely. And yet, Lala-san talked as though she didn’t feel an ounce of guilt for what she has done.


“I mean, no matter how many times I’ve asked you, you still won’t bathe with me.”

“That doesn’t mean you should force me like this! Wait, why are you taking your clothes off!?”

“Do I even need to say it? So that I can take a bath with you!”



Lala-san all of a sudden began taking off the clothes she was wearing.

Naturally, I hurried to turn around.




By that sound, I assumed she has entered the bath as well.


“Hey, what’s the deal? We’re all girls here, so no need to be shy.”


Because I’m a man! Not that I can tell you that now!




I was still facing away, so I was quite surprised when she hugged me from behind.

If the soft sensation pressing against my back was any indication, it would seem Lala-san was now completely naked.


“Come on, you too!”



Worse yet, Lala-san was forcing me to undress as well.


“You shouldn’t use the bath while you’re clothed, right? That’s the very first rule you told us, don’t you remember?”

“But whose fault is it that I’m here at all, huh?”

“Don’t worry about the details; just undress!”



As expected of a beastman, she had overwhelming strength.

Try as I might, I ended up butt naked in the bath. Even so, I tried to cover the important bit as much as I could.


“There you go. Feels good, doesn’t it? After we’re done, your skin’s gonna be all glossy!”

“…I know that already.”

“W-well, I suppose you would…”


“H-hey, don’t cry! I’m sorry, okay? I just thought that since you humans have these baths, you guys didn’t really care about being naked.”


Now that things have become like this, I decided to act like someone who was embarrassed of being naked around others. To that end, I faked some tears and distanced myself.

Almost like she thought she did something wrong, Lala-san began apologizing.


“You see, when I entered the bath with the others, we were somehow able to grow even closer to one another. I wanted to grow closer to you too, so I…”

“…I see…”


I appreciated the thought, but since I was hiding the fact that I was a man, it was more of an inconvenience to me than anything else.


“Kuku, so it is. This place not only makes our bodies clean and all that, but even makes us more united.”

“What, Lili-san, you’re here too!?”


For some reason, even Lili-san was in the bathhouse.

 She was stark naked too!


Her body was quite slender but also well-toned. The only thing that didn’t fit that description were her incredibly large breasts.

No, I shouldn’t look, I shouldn’t look…


“For that reason, why not join us for a little while?”


Truth be told, the thought of escaping through teleportation seemed so appealing to me.

I held myself back though because doing so would only make me more suspicious.


…yeah, I should let the double handle this and return to my real body.

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  1. Maybe the double who liked crossdressing would be better fit here 🤔

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    Good luck body double.
    Your deeds shall be remembered o7

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    He’s ‘sacrificing’ his double, how cruel. I wonder if he’d still be considered a virgin if his double scores a home run.

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