Chapter 237: You kinda stink

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“It’s so goooooooooooooooood!!”

“How did this taste so good!?”

“It’s my first time to eat something this delicious!!”


The beastmen were in disbelief by the taste of the food they prepared themselves.

They were all girls, but their way of talking was rather crude. But then again, they were beastmen, so it might be unfair to hold them to human standards.


At any rate, that was their food situation resolved.

Like this, their days of pillaging should be behind them.




I said so while not realizing that I was pinching my nose.

Yeah, to be honest…this settlement kinda smells.


“What’s wrong? Why are you frowning like that?”

“Well, Lala-oneechan, you see…I’ve been holding this back for as much as I can, but I think it has to be said now: you kinda stink.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say, you know!?”


It might be natural for a beastman’s scent to be a bit intense, but this was beyond that. It was almost like they just never washed their bodies.

There wasn’t any water well in their settlement, so they probably had to resort to using collected rainwater or something like that as bathwater. As for quenching their thirst, they apparently primarily drank the milk of their livestock.


“So, I guess the next thing I should make is a public bathhouse.”


<<Public Bathhouse: a bath for everyone. The villagers using it has their health improved and preserved; their fatigue relieved; and have their Village Bond Level enhanced. >>


“What is this building?”

“It’s a bathhouse.”

“…sorry, a bathhouse?”


She apparently didn’t even know what a bathhouse was.


“It’s a place where people can wash and clean their bodies. Like I said, you kinda stink, so why don’t you get rid of it here?”

“For someone with such a cute face, you’re really harsh, you know?”


I pushed Lala-san to go inside and waited for a while.

When she had thoroughly cleaned her body, she exited and met me again.


“This place is amazing! I can’t believe there’s so much warm and clean water here! I ended up drinking lots of it!”

“It’s not for drinking though.”

“At any rate, it feels so good to be this clean! My body smells so nice too!”

“Yup, you sure do look so clean now.”


The other beastmen had, of course, noticed the building that suddenly showed up in their settlement. After knowing what it was, they decided to wait and see how Lala-san’s try of it would turn out. And when they saw the results, they rushed inside.


“Next…are toilets, I guess.”


The people in this settlement apparently disposed of their waste by burying it down a hole.

It was definitely a factor in why it smelled awful in this place.


<<Public Lavatory: A toilet for everyone’s use. Automatically deodorizes and cleans itself.>>


“What’s this? Huh? A toilet? Oh, I see. But isn’t this too clean? Is it really ok do our business here?”

“Yup. And you see that lever there? If you push down on it, water will come down this bowl to flush away what’s in it.”

“…I see. Then, let me try it right now.”

“H-hey, don’t suddenly take off your clothes! Also, close the door!”

“?? We’re all girls here, so what’s the big deal?”


After I explained how to use it, I quickly exited the public lavatory.


“Hmm? What’s this? Hyaa!? Water comes out of it!?”


Of course, the toilets came equipped with bidets.


“…b-but…this…isn’t so bad…”


    ◇ ◇ ◇


I have made the settlement clean and sanitary.

The beastmen were also using the bathhouse each day and were now smelling fragrant like the soap they used.


I also did other changes to the settlement, but I tried to keep those changes to a minimum. I just thought it was better to preserve their culture as much as possible.

One other change I did was to remake the earthen walls that surrounded the settlement into one made of stone.

I also built a small house, which I used for the duration of my stay here. Lala-san did offer to let me live in the tent she was using, but yeah…when I rejected her offer, she made quite the sad face.


All that said, because I couldn’t afford to always have my consciousness here, I entrusted things here to the body double while I was away.


“Hey, let’s go take a bath together today~”

“D-don’t worry about me. As you can see, I’m clean already.”


Lala-san had asked me several times to take a bath with her, but I, obviously, couldn’t accept.


*sniff**sniff* …that’s strange…you don’t wash your body, yet you smell just fine. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you use the toilets…”


This was a body double, after all. It didn’t even excrete sweat, as a matter of fact.

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  1. Thank you!

    I was expecting some kinda ‘cats hate water’ trope.

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  2. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    “You kinda stink”
    Lmao that’s just savage

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    • “At any rate, it feels so good to be this clean! My body smells so nice too!”
      “Yup, you sure do look so clean now.”
      Sounds like she still does from the way he only acknowledges her appearance not her smell.

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