Chapter 229: Of course, all your body doubles would have to comply as well

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“Huh? Hey, who’s that beauty?”

“It’s Chief Luke, believe it or not. Goritiana won the tournament, remember? That allowed her to ask the chief for anything, and apparently, making him crossdress was that wish.”

“Kyaa! Please look this way, chief!”

“So cuteeeeeee!”


In the center of the village’s plaza, what perhaps could be the greatest embarrassment of my life transpired.


“Uhh……this is so embarrassing……”


Unfortunately for me, there was a large number of people when I walked there looking totally like a girl.

Actually, more and more people were coming after they got wind of what was happening.

What can they find so amusing about seeing me crossdress?


“Aww, his face’s so red! He’s so cuteeeee!”

“I think I can see him only as a girl now…”

“You know what I think? Maybe he was a girl all along.”

“Yeah, that’s a real possibility…”


No, it’s not! I have always been a boy!!!


“Mommy, why does the village chief look like a girl?”

“W-well, you see…ahm…(*Oh, how do I explain this…?*)


Stop! An innocent child’s gaze is killing me the most!


“…I don’t think I’d mind spending the night with the chief if he looks like that.”

“Yeah, same…”

“Like, it doesn’t even matter anymore if he has something between his legs.”

“If anything, having something there might make things better.”



…nope, didn’t hear anything!


“Ufufu, you’re as popular as I thought you’d be.”

“So, we can stop now, right? I mean, your request was just for me to cross-dress, right?”

“Huh? Wasn’t it obvious that my request involved this and more?”


Gori-chan snapped back.


“Let’s just hang out while you’re dressed like that, yeah?”

“Not while I’m like this, no!”


It was only due to my limited patience that I was playing along with this.


“Oh, what a shame. You’re so cute, so I wish you’d be less reserved and just enjoy yourself.”


Perhaps it was because I was like that that I found Gori-chan, who was certainly not reserved when it comes to crossdressing, to be quite amazing.


“Haahaa…Luke-sama…so, so cute…I’ll burn this sight, this form into my memory…I’ll never forget about this joy for the rest of my life…”


Millia has been overly excited since a while ago.

Her face was red and her breathing was hard, so it almost seemed like she was suffering from a fever or something.

What’s more, she has been staring at me intensely this whole time.


“Y-yes, without a doubt, he’s so, so cute…if he were my little sister, I’d certainly be doting on him every chance I get…”


Even Selen looked entranced as she examined me from head to toe over and over again.




And then, as though she thought of something, Selen clapped her hands together.


“You interfered in my match, right? I’ve been wondering what kind of punishment I’ll give you…”


She was truly furious after her match.

I apologized profusely and I thought I was forgiven then and there, but that apparently wasn’t enough.

…I have a bad feeling about this…


“And now, I know exactly what I want. For one whole month, I want you to look like that!”


Anything but that! Also, isn’t a whole month too long!?


“Ahh, of course, all your body doubles would have to comply as well.”


I couldn’t help but cry.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Gyahahahahaha! You’re really something! Oh man, my side hurts, gyahahahaha!”


The one laughing so loudly was Miranda-san the freeloader.

Based on the redness of her face, it would seem that she has been daytime drinking today as well.


“But I’ve gotta say, it suits you well! Gyahahahaha!”

“Can you stop it? This is no laughing matter, you know…”


While pointing at me who was still in drag, the drunkard bellowed once again.

This was the first time I saw someone react so rudely to my crossdressing.


I bumped into Miranda-san when she was just about to go to the toilet. She understandably asked me why I looked like this, so I explained how things became like this.


“Gyahahaha…gyahahahaha…oh no, I laughed too hard I’m gonna…”

“Then, hurry up and use the toilet!”


She rushed into the toilet before she could make a mess out here.

Whether it was from laughing so much or not, I next heard her make vomitting sounds.

Geez, what a hopeless grown-up.

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  3. This is funny and he earned it through karma. Also, it leads to an even funnier situation so just be patient.


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