Chapter 228: As promised, chief-chan…

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With Gori-chan being crowned as the champion, our fighting tournament has come to an end.

There were many who weren’t particularly happy with how the tournament ended, but even they seemed to be completely satisfied with the tournament in its entirety. In fact, a great number of people have expressed that they wanted us to host such an event again someday.


“Let me participate in the next one, you hear?”


Raul and many others have also expressed how they wanted us to expand the scope of the tournament so that people from outside of the village could participate as well.

However, when it came to matters that involved other territories, I needed to consult with the area’s leaders first. In this case, I might even have to ask for permission from the king himself.

While I was thinking of that…


“This has been a fun event. If you’re going to hold another, I’d like to ask you to let fighters from all over the kingdom participate as well.”


…the king, who had just exited the venue, gave me the permission I needed just like that.


“Actually, what would your majesty say about the royal family hosting the next one? Of course, we’ll take care of preparing the venue and management.”

“That sounds like a good idea. It’s a great way to demonstrate the might of the royal family.”


For the king who was advocating for the centralization of powers in the kingdom, such an event was probably quite convenient. Thanks to that, he easily agreed to my proposal.


“However, there’s one thing I’d like for your side to take care of: the champion’s prize.”

“Hmm, that’s easy enough.”


*(…yay! I won’t have to be burdened about the champion’s prize anymore.)*

*(But this village, it can’t be denied that there are so many here who possess a Gift…I hope they don’t get marked by the church, but…)*

“Is something the matter, your majesty?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing. Well then, I suppose we should hurry back to the capital now. We have been gone for 4 days, so the amount of work to be done has surely piled up.”


Despite the princess throwing a little bit of a tantrum, saying something like “but I don’t want to return yet!”, the king’s party returned to the capital via train that very same day.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Ufufu, I think I’ll be asking chief-chan to grant me my request now ♡.”


Unfortunately, I had little choice but to grant the champion the promised (not promised by me though) prize.

Before revealing what her request to me was, Gori-chan brought me to her beauty salon. Normally, this place would be populated by the macho employees as well as the customers, but right now, it was only Gori-chan and me.


What’ll happen to me now?

Gori-chan still hasn’t told me anything, so when she gave me a scrutinizing gaze, I couldn’t help but be scared for myself.


Arrgh, I should have made a body double do this!


“Haa…haa…as promised, chief-chan…you’ll grant whatever I request of you, right…?”


Gori-chan breathed heavily as she approached.

At that, I unintentionally took a step back.


“I want…your firssssssssssstt!”



    ◇ ◇ ◇


––––an hour later.


I found myself standing in front of a mirror.

The one reflected in the mirror should have been me, but instead, the one in it was a cute, dressed up girl.


“Ufufu, how does it feel, chief-chan? Your first time to crossdress, that is.”


Gori-chan, smiling ecstatically, appeared and then asked so.


“Uhmm…who is this girl?”

“Who, you ask? Why, it’s you, of course! But I can see why you’d be confused. I mean, you look like a whole other person!”


Gori-chan wiggled her hips as she excitedly said so.


“At any rate, haaan!! You’re so cute! You’re exactly how I imagined you’d be, maybe even more! I could tell since I first saw you that you’d look like such a cute girl if you crossdress!”


Apparently, what Gori-chan wanted as her prize was my first time to crossdress.

She did my makeup, put on and styled my wig, and made me wear women’s clothing.

Before I knew it, I had transformed into this.


“While you’re all dolled up like that, why don’t we show you to everyone in the village?”

“I-isn’t that embarrassing!?”

“Why would it be? There’s nothing wrong with showing everyone how cute you’ve become!”


I tried to resist as much as I could, but Gori-chan simply carried me off.

Against such superhuman strength, I was unable to break to free.


“Ahhn! Getting all shy like that, you’re looking more and more like a girl!!!”

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  1. The story was ok at first but I really can’t identify with any part of the recent storyline. Obviously not blaming the tl but no cap I’ll be back when you start a new novel. Love your work, just not the current story.

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  2. NeoPhantom said:

    Welp, he needs to get the one who promised on his behalf and… feign a crime to give him to the granny.

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