Chapter 204: How futile

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“Hmm, what a dangerous magic.”


While saying so and nodding, Gai-san thrusted the tip off his staff towards Raul’s shadow.

Thanks to that, Raul was free to move once again.


“What was that just now?”

“A black magic that temporarily prevents your body from moving. But worry not, my purification magic works well against it.”


Gai-san explained so.


“Tch, what an annoying bastard.”

“That’s why Philia-san warned us to be careful, you know!”


After I retorted so, I noticed that the Wight was about to cast some kind of magic again.


“Protect me and eliminate these insolent intruders. Dark Summon!”


Sinister-looking mist gushed out and soon took the form of a horse-riding knight.

However, the knight was headless.


“A Dullahan!? It can summon high-ranking undead monsters!?”


Alec-san shouted so.

Worse yet, the Wight didn’t stop summoning. A total of ten Dullahans surrounded the Wight, as though they were knights protecting their king.

And then, the Wight pointed at us with its staff and issued a command.


“Exterminate them.”


The headless knights didn’t utter a response but complied nonetheless.

Aside from the few that remained to protect the Wight, the rest descended upon us all at once.


Naturally, this made the fight a lot tougher.

Aside from Noel-kun, none of us would be able to endure a direct collision with the charging Dullahans.

Moreover, the Dullahans wielded lances splendidly from horseback. I had no doubt they could skewer the average soldier easily.

And because they were undead, most attacks were ineffective against them.


They might not be able to make tight turns, but they were nevertheless formidable enemies that had great offense, defense, and mobility.


“Aim for the horses’ legs! If we seal their movement, we can easily finish them with purification magic!”


Raul shouted so.

As though to demonstrate, Raul then slid down and slashed at a horse’s legs.

Without missing a beat, Gai-san then stabbed the fallen Dullahan with his light-enveloped staff. The Dullahan began writhing until it eventually stopped moving entirely. Not much later, the Dullahan returned to being mist and vanished.


“Alright, let’s kill them all!”

“How futile.”


Even though we defeated a few of the Dullahans, the Wight remained complacent.


“Dark Summon.”

“What!? Again…!?”


Yes, the Wight summoned new Dullahans.


“Is there no end to them!?”

“Sister! Let’s defeat the Wight first!”

“But getting close to it isn’t so simple either!”


If our group tried to get near the Wight, not only would the nearby Dullahans prevent us from going further, the Wight itself would surely use its black magic against us at the nastiest of moments. Especially so if that magic was the one that immobilized Raul earlier as we would be completely exposed to the Dullahans attacks.




I constructed a golem from the stone wall and made it charge toward the Wight.


“Shadow Bind”


The Wight once again used that immobilizing spell, but the golem still kept on moving.




For the first time, the Wight was shocked.


“Just like I thought, that magic doesn’t work against objects.”


The Dullahans moved to protect the Wight from the incoming golem, but the golem’s momentum was too much and they ended up being blown away by the golem’s charge instead.

They were undead, so they should be back up in no time. Before that happens, we must defeat the Wight.

To that end, I made the golem swing down its fist toward the Wight’s head.


“Shadow Move.”

“Huh? It vanished?”


The Wight was suddenly gone.


“It’s over there.”


When I saw it next, it was several meters away.


“Ehhh, it can use magic like that too?”


A magic like that would prevent the user from getting hit even if the enemy manages to come near.


“…oh well, two can play at that game. Gai-san, get ready to attack it please.”



I grabbed hold of Gai-san and then teleported the both of us behind the Wight.

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