Chapter 203: Who dares…disturb my slumber…

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The greatest benefit of building a house out here in the ruin was our access to a toilet.


“This toilet is so helpful. Relieving yourself even when hiding can get dangerous, especially at a place like these ruins.”


After exiting from the toilet, Marin-san said so.

All of us, regardless of gender, wanted to use the toilet as soon as possible, so I decided to use Facility Customization to add more.


“It’s nice that we can wash our hands as well.”

“Yeah, the undead are so filthy. I’m really glad we can wash our hands clean before we ate.”


I then heard someone say ‘ehh’.

It was Raul.

If I was to hazard a guess, he probably didn’t wash his hands before eating.


“…ha, so what, you won’t die from that.”


Like that, we ended break and resumed our exploration.



    ◇ ◇ ◇


“What is this place…”


We have entered a room that was as vast as the mummy room from before.

However, unlike that place which was quite dreary, this place looked strangely opulent.


One wall had a splendid relief sculpted on it. Glittering gems were even set into certain parts.

The deeper we went into the room, the more ostentatious it became.

And in the innermost part of the room were an altar and a large, golden casket. Also, littered around those things were lots of silver and gold treasure.


“That’s another coffin, isn’t it?”

“Most likely. A luxurious one at that. I’m guessing these ruins might be the tomb of an ancient king.”


I agreed with Philia-san’s theory.

And if that was indeed the case, then the one encased in the coffin before us should be the ancient king.


“Regardless though, look at that treasure!”

“If there’s that many treasure, then a little going mi… ah, no, forget I said anything!”


Alec-san quickly stopped himself from thinking out loud.

Even though this was the treasure of an ancient and nonextant kingdom, the right of claim to it belonged to the present kingdom occupying the land.

If it gets found out that anyone pocketed any of the treasure, the kingdom would be justified in punishing them.


On the flip side, Alec-san and the others should be compensated handsomely for such a discovery.


At that moment though…


“Who dares…disturb my slumber…”


All of a sudden, we heard a voice.

We immediately searched for the possible source of that spine-chilling voice.


“T-the coffin…!”


With a quivering voice, Kamuru-san shouted so.

When I followed his line of sight, I saw the lid of the coffin slowly being lifted up.


“A-are you serious…!?”

“Even the master of the tomb has become an undead…!?”


Before long, a skeleton that wore a crown as well as magnificent-yet-now-tattered clothes arose from within the coffin.


“Raiding my tomb…fools, all of you…”


If its ominous voice was any indication, the undead was clearly angry at us, the invaders of its tomb.


At first glance, this undead might look nothing more than a skeleton with fancy clothes. However, its presence made it clear that it was something else, that it was an undead far superior than anything we’ve encountered thus far.


“Be careful, everyone! That one’s probably a Wight…!”


Philia-san shouted so.


“Unlike the other undead monsters, a Wight has high intelligence! It can also use vile and powerful magic!”

“Wight or not, all I know is that I’ll send it to the underworld!”


Not heeding Philia-san’s warning, Raul sprung at the Wight all by himself.

…even after I told him not to act on his own.


“Shadow Bind”



When the Wight swung the staff it held, Raul was suddenly unable to move his whole body.


“What’s…!? My body…!”

“Fool. Now, die writhing in pain as you are burned down by my wicked flames. Hellfire.”


The Wight launched an attack made of black flames towards Raul, but try as he might, Raul was still unable to move, much less dodge.


“Decoy Shield!”


The black flames all of a sudden changed course toward the shield that Noel-kun wielded.

Apparently, it was a technique that allowed Noel-kun to receive an enemy attack in place of an ally.


“My shield…”


Noel-kun’s shield was a masterpiece made of mithril and crafted by dwarven blacksmiths. It was strong against both physical and magical attacks.

However, by coming into contact with the black flames, the shield’s surface was not only burned, it broke down as though it was corroded.

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